Coming Sept. 4 | Mulan Featurette | Disney+

Coming Sept. 4 | Mulan Featurette | Disney+

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  1. $30 for the whole group actually is really good 🙂 They should add social media aspect to Disney plus to link up with friends and family. Maybe gamification it with random dice rolls or spin the wheel movie pick etc.

  2. Ok. So for what I can understand so far about the witch is that she's on the main villain's side but not completely. She can stand for up for herself but she doesn't for some reason. I bet she will be on Mulan's side at the end, she will help her and will betray the main villain. The witch will be an antihero. Mulan will make the witch good. The witch and Mulan will have some sort of deep bond not only because they are both women, but also because of a society that looks down on women.

  3. Question: Why is Bori Khan working with a witch?
    My guess: Bori Khan sold his soul to the witch in exchange for ultimate power and a mighty army to take over China.
    I'm hoping I guessed right!

  4. All these behind-the-scenes clips are getting me super hyped up for the film 🔥Seriously, the amount of effort and hardwork put into making of this film is impressive. Really can't wait to see the full film this coming September 4. I'm sure it won't disappoint 🙌🏻

  5. After delaying Live Action Mulan in theaters three times first in March, Then July, Now August. Now we finally got a new release date for this movie and it's on September 4th 2020. But this time Disney is going to release this movie in theaters and on Disney Plus. So Disney is planing on doing both and I don't want to watch the live action version on Disney Plus yet. Because when Shana, Haley, Katlin, Cole and I watch the animated version when we have that party on the night before we see the live action version in theaters we don't want to spoiled the comparing between the two movies and I want it to be a surprise. Not only that there is no way on earth that I'm going to be spending $30.00 on a live action movie that's going to be released on Disney Plus. No way on earth. My friends and I are going to stick to our original plan of seeing live action Mulan in theaters that we did planed around March before the stay home order and the COVID 19 pandemic around the same month but then it got put on hold because of COVID 19. Now we got a new release date for movie theaters and Disney Plus I'm so excited to see Live Action Mulan in theaters next month after the film got delayed three times. Once the movie theaters open again I'm seeing this movie in theaters with my friends. But the question is when will the movie theaters in the United States open again? Because I live in Washington State and Kitsap County is still on phase 2 and we are not on phase 3 and phase 4 yet. When the movie theaters do open again Shana, Haley, Cole, Katlin and I will have that party of seeing the animated Mulan before seeing the live action Mulan in theaters to do a compare. If you have any information and an article about live action Mulan getting a theatrical revival you let me know and I'll let my friends know. When movie theaters in the USA open again do you think live action Mulan will get a theatrical revival.

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