Cowboy Bebop | Space Jazz to Chase Bounties and Cook Beef and Broccoli to | Netflix

Cowboy Bebop | Space Jazz to Chase Bounties and Cook Beef and Broccoli to | Netflix

Name a more iconic duo than bounty hunting and good jazz. Sit back and relax to the smooth sounds. Cowboy Bebop is now streaming on Netflix. SUBSCRIBE: …

Download Cowboy Bebop | Space Jazz to Chase Bounties and Cook Beef and Broccoli to | Netflix from here:


  1. Love the Netflix adaptation soundtrack and I'm glad that it's on streaming services, but aw man…seeing this video made me realize how much more unreleased music there is.

  2. Hey Netflix! FYI, the characters didn’t listen to any particularly genre of music (we don’t know what Spike is listening to when wearing headphones). Jazz was used for the audience to direct the emotional vibe for the audience. Other than the harmonica kid and boob dude, we hear Jazz Playing out loud. Live action Jet being an aficionado and Spike chilling to the horn gave these characters a forced out of element cartoony presence.

  3. Show had its own flaws like Vicious character being too much of an edgy spoiled brat LOL unlike his mysterious coolness in the original anime, but that’s about it for me in my opinion…overall I loved the show (Netflix got Jet&Spike’s interaction quite well done and really funny, and Faye in the show, I believe was sassy enough to be the actual Faye in the anime series, even though I prefer the anime version myself haha) and I’m hoping to see another season of this 🥰
    Thank you so much Netflix for this super fun show!!

  4. This might be one of the best ideas to engage viewers by Netflix. Even if you don't watch Cowboy Bebop you can still enjoy the soundtrack. Like, you can throw this up on your TV. Brilliant stuff!

  5. I am a HUGE fan of the anime. Like it's one of my favorite anime series EVER (and Watanabe is in my Top 3 anime directors of all time). The Netflix adaptation felt solid enough for me. Far from perfect, but far from a disaster also. The casting is awesome (except for Vicious and Julia, sorry guys… But maybe the problem is a writting problem) and what is changed works fine. The show has a bit of a sluggish pace (to me due to the choice in a lot of steady wide angle shots that work well in anime form but not that much in live action, and action sequences that feel a bit floaty) but is highly enjoyable and constitute a great entry point in the Bebop universe for someone that is not really into anime. It has a solid foundation to improve on if a second season gets greenlit ! "You're gonna carry that weight…" 😉

  6. The only redeemable is the soundtrack, the rest of the series is rotten with the final appearance of ed or the transformation of Gren into a Woke. in short one of the worst live Actions

  7. I liked the netflix show. Im a massive fan of the original, but honestly the Netflix version is a lot of fun. The first two episodes are a bit clunky, especially dialog wise. But they do settle into a rhythm and John Cho's charisma really shines through. Im really hoping they bring out a second season.

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