CRUELLA Trailer 2 (NEW, 2021) Emma Stone, Disney Movie HD

CRUELLA Trailer 2 (NEW, 2021) Emma Stone, Disney Movie HD

CRUELLA Trailer 2 (NEW, 2021) Emma Stone, Disney Movie HD
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  1. …You do recall that she's the bad guy, right? Also, what was the point of the whole "I'm a woman, hear me roar" when he opponent was also a woman? Seems kinda, I dunno, off the mark.

  2. I think after all the reviews circulated around the internet globe,even after fans and critics watching the Snyder cut,they all want to see the knightmare film of justice league.Who doesn’t want to see a mad max future where a dissembled justice league take on a ruthless dictator superman???? I would like to see that please.You can take my money for that Zack.#Restorethesnyderverse

  3. So many real and fictional stories to chose from and they pick the fictional woman who wants to murder and skin 100 puppies… wtf Disney just pick better stories.

  4. Невже завдяки цьому фільму на такого злого персонажа як Круелла ми зможемо інакше поглянути? Дуже інтригує.

  5. Why is it so hard to wait to judge before watching the whole thing? I agree with everyone in the sense that I'll hate it if they make Cruella to be this hero who makes killing puppies an acceptable thing to do but I'm not going to make assumptions until I watch it. I feel like it's been made clear that unlike Maleficent, this isn't a retelling. It's an origin story. There's a difference. So far, it looks like the only sympathetic thing about Cruella is that she had a rough experience at her old/first job which honestly is what everyone goes through so it's not really showing us at least not yet that she has this tragic life. This is just a theory but I feel like that she will have some shit happen to her but it won't be enough to make us root for her desire to kill animals including puppies.

  6. She literally kills puppies. I don’t see how you could put any kind of positive spin on that the make people try to relate to her unless they did something like the Joker which this is clearly not. I don’t see anting emporium go about a woman who murders puppies…

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