Diana: The Musical | Official Trailer | A Netflix Special Presentation

Diana: The Musical | Official Trailer | A Netflix Special Presentation

DIANA: THE MUSICAL celebrates the life of Princess Diana and the light of her legacy that continues to shine across the world. Debuting on Netflix before opening on Broadway, this first-of-its-kind landmark musical event brings us face to face with one of the 20th century’s most compelling figures.

Directed by Tony Award® winner Christopher Ashley, DIANA was filmed in 2020 at the Longacre Theatre without an audience and features the original Broadway cast, led by Jeanna de Waal as “Diana”, Roe Hartrampf as “Prince Charles”, Erin Davie as “Camilla Parker Bowles”, and two-time Tony Award® winner Judy Kaye as “Queen Elizabeth.”

The musical has book and lyrics by Tony Award® winner Joe DiPietro and music and lyrics by Tony Award® winner David Bryan, choreography by Olivier Award® winner Kelly Devine and musical supervision and arrangements by Olivier Award® winner Ian Eisendrath.

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Diana: The Musical | Official Trailer | A Netflix Special Presentation

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  1. Seriously?? Look I've got nothing against Diana but come on, the way people talk about her sometimes even though they never met her, they make her sound like an Angel sent down from God. That she cured a disease or achieved word peace.

  2. Why do people watch and love The Crown, a show that fills Netflix's coffers with millions of dollars or go watch Kristen Stewart for an hour and a half playing Diana, but are here saying this musical is an outrage?! GUYS! Everything in this world is made to be sold. If you don't like the idea, just ignore it, don't watch it. It's so simple.

  3. It's super interesting that they're putting out the pro-shot before the musical premieres. That's certainly one way to build hype. In any case I can't wait to see how this musical interprets the story.

  4. Kinda of getting sick of all this Diana stuff. The second of two movies about her in less than 10 years coming soon. The Crown last season and now a musical. Its Prince Charles I feel sorry for, having,the past thrown constantly in his face. At least he is with the woman he wanted to be with all along. 😉

  5. I think that Diana understood that there needs to be a mix between creating awareness and letting the people see that awareness in order for it to help more. She obviously did not grow up in the spotlight, so wasn't as tired of it when married into the Royal Family. That may have been the reason she was capable of being captured in pictures, etc. creating awareness more. I tend to wonder how much awareness other Royals lives stories could create if permission to share them were given that is. Standing up for the people has always been something that the Royal Family has loved doing. Purhaps in different ways but maybe if they saw how many lives this may touch, they'd grant that permission. Maybe not though, I don't know… I'm sure that people will love this. 🙂 Namaste

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