DRACULA Final Trailer (NEW, 2020)

DRACULA Final Trailer (NEW, 2020)

DRACULA Final Trailer (NEW, 2020)
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  1. Episode 2. Within seconds of meeting the Capt of the Demeter, gender swapped Van Helsing and strong independent Nun tells him he is no longer in charge. She is. The male Capt and male crew accept this without a word because, Matriarchy.

  2. The last episode is on tonight here in UK. I'm halfway thru 2nd ep & it's really good. Full of chills and gore. Only complaint is the make up on the undead is bit…not so great. But with the story & writing it hardly matters. I'd rather have a good story than brilliant make up/special affects & the amount of shit Dracula stories we've had over the years.

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