DUNE Final Trailer (2021)

DUNE Final Trailer (2021)

Final trailer for Dune

Download DUNE Final Trailer (2021) from here:



  1. Oh my goodness, who was in charge of this trailer? It's extremely misleading to people who haven't watched the movie yet. The one who made it somehow took scenes from the movie out of context and edited it together so that one might think that this movie somehow is about a grand war between two armies. Like "The next star wars or Lord of the rings." People who've watched this trailer will be disappointed when they actually see the movie, because it is about completely different themes than star wars, I can assure you.

  2. I wish studios would just leave out critic reviews from trailers. Just make a bomb ass trailer and not insert a quote randomly that takes the viewer out of the visuals. That being said, I’m excited for the next “Star Wars, Lord of the rings” and whatever else they’re comparing this movie to. Looks really great.

  3. Really good reboot. Lived up to the hype for sure. Hope the sequels actually follow the books as well. Could be a masterpiece of the age. Hard for any cinema to shine since Marvel and DC and I guess Sony are back at it making multi-millions a day.

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