ENCANTO "Under the Surface" Song (Disney, 2021)

ENCANTO "Under the Surface" Song (Disney, 2021)

ENCANTO “Under the Surface” Song (Disney, 2021)
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  1. As a Colombian, this movie was such a letdown. News flash Disney, just saying the story takes place in Colombia and putting music that says “colombiaaaa” doesn’t make it a colombian movie. Coco did an excellent job Bc they took inspiration from an actual Mexican holiday and expanded upon it with their imagination. Seeing that Pixar wasn’t Involved I can see why. Instead, Disney gave us a family with superpowers or “gifts” 🤨🤨

  2. Disney's Encanto: The magical family and house do exist in Colombia Sudamérica https://youtu.be/EuoOJ1xKNUE // Disney's Encanto: La familia mágica y la casa existen en Colombia Sudamérica https://youtu.be/dJrxMqSkP10 /// A sample of Colombian's talent with lots of Folklore, this girl could be the real Mirabel and her gift is Music https://youtu.be/wzrAq-IN3gg // Una muestra de talento Colombiano con mucho Folclor, esta chica podría ser la verdadera Mirabel y su don es la Música https://youtu.be/wzrAq-IN3gg

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