ETERNALS "Thanos Snap" Trailer (2021)

ETERNALS "Thanos Snap" Trailer (2021)

Eternals assemble spot for Marvel’s Eternals

Download ETERNALS "Thanos Snap" Trailer (2021) from here:


  1. I'm a huge Marvel fan BUT I literally don't care about The Eternals…… what?!!!!!.they're soooo special that the "snap" wouldn't have affected them so they didn't "interfere"?! Yeah, sorry, that's just stupid if that is the route they are going….. and if they didn't "interfere" because they aren't "supposed to" that's even dumber….. sorry, but Marvel is going to crash and burn. Don't get me wrong, I love Venom, Morbius, and Spiderman BUT the exclusive Marvel titles have run their course…….Shang Chi was horrible and I don't see things getting better…. Disney is destroying another franchise.

  2. Literally the celestials will be the only actual enjoyment out of this movie as a comic book fan trying to push the eternals like this was just bad marketing honestly feels like what in humans would be doing instead of eternals

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