ETERNALS "Thena Fights Deviants" Trailer (NEW 2021)

ETERNALS "Thena Fights Deviants" Trailer (NEW 2021)

ETERNALS “Thena Fights Deviants” Trailer (NEW 2021) Angelina Jolie, Marvel Superhero Movie HD
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  1. Looks like they crossed their t’s, dotted their i’s and got representation for every minority out there! The big question is: how many of them will be non-CIS gender? One can only hope that we will have several special characters!

  2. When is a black actress is gonna get a lead on a marvel movie they were telling us for a long time that a black marvel movie wouldn't sell and y'all know what the hell happened with black panther let's make it happen

  3. I don't wear a cape was a jab at Superman. Nice try Disney but Superman is 100 times cooler then this generic MCU trash.. Love both Marvel and DC but Disney is starting to really bother me.. The only great movies they have put out after Infinite Was is "SONYs" Spiderman. Everything else has been extremely lacking. This on the other hand took terrible.

  4. Holy crap, this movie looks fantastic. Friends or no friends, I will watch this opening day in theaters. Probably better to not go with friends so I can have a seat smack dab in the middle of the theater for the best viewing experience. Even if I brought my friends, knowing them they will want to wait to buy tickets all at once so we can sit together and then get screwed by that one friend who is worse off on saving their money more than everyone else. We all suck at money management but we do have that one guy that would sit there with his last $10 and buy 8 ($1) lottery tickets and a overpriced candy bar for $2. He is usually the guy you buy the ticket for and only invite him out honestly because while he is not a bad guy, he is a person you can look at and not want to be in his position so you use him being around to stay more sober and save money so you don't end up like him. Sounds pretty shitty but I do have a friend like that. I wish I was the poor one in my friend group, which is why I need new friends, if only so people stop asking for money or begging. I can usually say no but if you live in a not so nice area, they will follow you and beg for some type of money and the only way to get away from them is to run. It really sucks.

    Anyways, this movie is going to be the Bee's Knee's. I'm stoked. Anyone who lives in and or around the Raleigh, NC area and wants to go watch this movie with me, let me know and I don't mind meeting you or multiple people there. 🙂

  5. Before the snap i used to always look forward to marvel movies. But feel like Tony unleashed a whole heap of shitty superheroes when he bought everyone back.

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