ETERNALS "Thena's Superpower" Trailer (NEW 2021)

ETERNALS "Thena's Superpower" Trailer (NEW 2021)

ETERNALS “Thena’s Superpower” Trailer (NEW 2021) Angelina Jolie, Marvel Superhero Movie HD
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  1. Best looking woman ever born. Sorry but them lips are just killer.

    What makes her unique is ,she is the only woman I ever seen who’s that attractive who is a great actress and a great human being. She has a good soul.

  2. I don‘t understand how trailers work anymore. We now get a 30s “mini trailer” before the 40s real trailer, which basically shares 90% of the scenes? Just give us one proper ~2 mins trailer ffs.

  3. I was stoked when I saw Angelina was cast in Eternals and the list made it seem like she was the lead. Then it was Richard Madden then Gemma Chan. And I was like can you make up your minds.

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