Explained | Racial Wealth Gap | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

Explained | Racial Wealth Gap | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

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In this episode: Cory Booker and others discuss how slavery, housing discrimination and centuries of inequality have compounded to create a racial wealth gap.

US Rating: TV-MA. This show is designed for for mature audiences only.

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Explained | Racial Wealth Gap | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

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  1. It is so true- even when you graduated it is not the same- when your parents are poor you have to look after them and also siblings. You just can't behave like a person from a good income family.

  2. I assume the gap grows due bad choices in current years after the abolishing of jim crow laws and other such laws of systemic racism in the 70s i believe it was. there probably is some effect that those laws had that still has (some) effect on these communities to this day. At the end of the day though i think there needs to be some personal responsibility and so far its been play the blame game nothing is our fault because this happened. its sad because these communities are more then just their past oppression but the way alll these documentaries media groups portray it thats not the case

    If someone actually wants to discuss this without being a whiny brat let me know. Also I will give you a example of true current systemic racism and thats affirmative action

  3. Indian Americans, Filipino Americans, Taiwanese Americans, Sri Lankan Americans, Japanese Americans, Pakistani Americans, and Malaysian Americans ALL make more household income than White Americans. So much for White supremacy… Giving free money and houses doesn't close the wealth gap, you need to increase the supply of houses by reducing zoning laws or any law that create supply shortages. A good education and upbringing IS the pathway to success.

  4. Bcuz they are tryn to set the stage for white people to take over the niggas land 😒evolution. Women want a MAN to protect and provide so by setting it up where only white guys have the means to provide 🤷🏾‍♂️ and they still have declining birth rates. But in the process have really damaged the black family already. Humanity saddens me

  5. give 1 million to the rich and to the poor, the rich will multiply it on investment, the poor will consume it all in a few years. Nowadays it so easy to start investment, the only gap here is the education

  6. We are on the same piece of rock. When a comet strikes it won't look at your skin color, wealth or education, we are all dead. So really, how hard is it to really look out for each other? Oh yeah…. racism.

    If multi dimensions exists then maybe, in another world the exact opposite is happening and our cries are the cries of white people. Who knows.

  7. I understand what Senator Booker is saying at the 11:46 mark of this video, but I would point out to him that the Democrats had the Majority of Congress from 2006 – 2010. "Our" party, not really ours anymore, held all the levers of government from 2008 – 2010. Why wasn't anything done during those 2 years? Why was healthcare the first legislative battle and not locking up those crooks and clawing back their profits? Or if you had to make those banks and other financial institutions whole, the money should have been spent to buy-up the defaulting loans and giving the home owners those homes. Funny how that didn't happen. Stop being a hypocrite. Also, I seem to recall that the President of the United State from 2008 – 2016 was a gentleman by the name of Barack Obama. So while I'm always good with bashing the Republican Party for their parts of that mess, lets remember that "our" party was also complicit.

  8. A great point at 13:30, I feel like it is more of a classism problem more than a racial one in today's context, imagine you are white folk doing well in your career but all your friends and relatives are poor. Blacks have a later starting point, so I generally think it is better if we keep the status quo and lift up more black people to a wealthier standard, the same way that any other nations lift up people from their poverty.

    I don't think reparation is going to solve the problem. For one, it is theoretically impossible to name a price that whites and blacks are both going to agree on, assuming they all support reparation. And if the racial wealth gap is not totally closed, in which that is a huge price, which could cost the US economy, the "systematic racism" claim will still be valid, imagine the black community still thinks racism exists after getting reparation.

  9. I feel like some people use racial prejudice to show how racists the system it, but in reality the “system” they are talking about makes it hard for people who are in poverty to become middle class. People need to realize that it’s not that the economic system is racist it is unfair to people in poverty and most of those people belong to minorities. What the U.S should do a system similar to Sweden where capitalism is still their, but there are better regulations, higher taxes, and the the taxes are used for social welfare systems

  10. When you come to India, it's Muslims VS Hindus. Only difference – You can't sue cause you got no laws protecting you from such sort of evident discrimination! What you see here is subtle confident communal racism, that no one addresses. Not even the Muslims themselves!

  11. Really poor examples of categorizing all whites and all blacks. Want to sue former slave owners? Go for it. Want to make every American pay all black people, regardless of any history of the individuals involved? It's not justice.

    How about suing African tribes for being part of the slave trade? How about suing black gangs in poor black communities that have hurt black people? Is this about race or is this about retribution for past wrongs?

    By the way, what is stopping black people from saving money and investing it, like any non-black person? It hasn't stopped 44% of black families from owning homes in America. Do those millions of people somehow evade the systemic racism that is out to destroy black people or do they simply do what everyone else does who invests (save money and then invest it long term)?

    The victimhood and blaming that people hold onto rather than just doing the right thing to get ahead is incredibly self limiting. And these types of tv programs just dig the hole deeper.

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