EXTRACTION Official Trailer (2020) Chris Hemsworth, Netflix Movie

EXTRACTION Official Trailer (2020) Chris Hemsworth, Netflix Movie

EXTRACTION official trailer.

© 2020 – Netflix

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  1. This was so exhausting to watch, I was like just go raise your hand then your hammer will go on his way then fly the fuck up and don't ever go to india anymore lmfao

  2. First of all, I want to say, brother, you have not found any other country, who is Bangladesh to make you smaller. Do you think you can cross Bangladesh by making it smaller? No, no. You will be judged. You married your mother to India. In that you will make Bangladesh smaller to the whole world including India. Remember, Illuminati's child, you will be judged by someone like me. If you don't have any other alarms, delete the image from Netflix, or you will be disappointed.

  3. Disappointing film!!! first of all the picture of Dhaka city you see in this film is from Mars😅. I'm from old Dhaka, Bangladesh 🇧🇩. We lived here since hundreds of years ago. Real Dhaka is not so dark as the movie showed to us. Real old Dhaka is called World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Real Dhaka is more beautiful & cultural. & the Bengali language action use on this movie is not Dhakia language at all. Its also disappointing… & here we saw in this film that little teenagers use AK-47 Rifle is just disappointing more…Mr. Director & writer Bangladesh is not Somalia of like African country. Our Bangladeshi teenagers are the second best online freelancer in this world… & In this film one more thing disappointing me is that here in this film shows all the security force of Bangladesh help Mafia. Mr. Director for your kind information our security force is honest, patriot, well trained & they always ready to sacrifice their life for our country against any kind of attack. & for the world this film is not belongs to Dhaka, Bangladesh at any means…..So next time anyone like to make a film about any part of Bangladesh, should have to research well about Bangladesh. My humble request to all around the world pls don't make this type of film in the future which hurt millions of people’s feelings

  4. All wrong information about Bangladesh like – banner name, car, Police, wrong subtitle about rap song, country Language and City decoration and culture, we are fired to see this movie trailer. It is not real Bangladesh, we proud our Army with Army dress.

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