Fatal Affair Starring Nia Long + Omar Epps | Official Trailer | Netflix

Fatal Affair Starring Nia Long + Omar Epps | Official Trailer | Netflix

A brief encounter takes a dangerous turn when Ellie (Nia Long) discovers her old friend David (Omar Epps) is more unstable than she realized.

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Fatal Affair Starring Nia Long + Omar Epps | Official Trailer | Netflix

A lawyer is caught in a terrifying game of cat and mouse when a drink with an old friend escalates into an obsession that jeopardizes everyone she loves.

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  1. Why when A-list adjacent actors 'falls' to Amazon or Netflix their acting becomes the worse? Maybe they were never the best but they did good enough to becone part of mainstream at one time, so what happens? Yes, the stories and plots might be bad but their acting should continue to be steller, no?🤔

  2. Excellent date night flick!!! 😆 Omar Epps makes a great and pungently believable bad guy though I met him a while back and he is a very nice man. This film was really exceptional. This was the best! Nia Long never disappoints and is an even better film maker than actress and if you have been deeper under a rock than me for the last 20 years- she is an exceptionally brilliant actress, check IMDB. We loved it, loved it.
    The last movie we saw in theaters was The Photograph…(and if not for Covid I am certain this would have been the next) we only saw that because we loved Love jones

  3. Like I always say, we need to support. I can’t understand we want to stab other races for not supporting us, when we don’t support each other. I loved the movie. What happened to, if you can’t say anything good, don’t say nothing at all. These are amazing actors period. What y’all doing?

  4. FIRST OF ALL… this storyline is more played out than hookers underwear!
    Secondly, this had to been the most corniest , eye rolling, predictable ass movie I’ve ever watched 🤦🏾‍♀️ sad that it’s directed by Perry. These type of movies I’ve seen back in like 2009 smh

  5. This movie was fit for Lifetime. Not only was the lack of chemistry painful but the redundancy of the dialogue was laughable ( I really found myself laughing at "serious moments"). I really expected more from both Nia Long and Omar Epps but what they put out was disappointing. Right now the movie Tijuana Jackson is better time spent.

  6. I just need to know why Nia does not friggin’ age!? Seriously! (And if someone says “black don’t crack” I have an ex who totally disproves that whole theory!) She is still just as beautiful as she was in Fresh Prince and Love Jones.

  7. This movie isn’t THAT bad. The 4.4 IMDb rating is a bit off base. There are a few elements of the ridiculous here but 4/10? Stop. I was expecting a dumpster fire of a film and that isn’t what this is. And I am a total hater when it comes to movies. 😆

  8. Sooo I’m 08:20 minutes in the movie. And I am APPALLED by oMar ePpS ugly-uncle-looking ass being the LOVE INTEREST? For NIA LONG? Really ??🥴🙃I came straight to YT trailer to see the comments and I can’t believe y’all are okay with this 😂Like how did we go from Steven bishop fine ass to Forest Whitaker looking Omar Epps 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ The least they could’ve done was switch the roles and made it believable she would leave her husband for that man 🙄

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