Father Soldier Son | Official Trailer | Netflix

Father Soldier Son | Official Trailer | Netflix

This intimate documentary from The New York Times follows one military family over the course of ten years, becoming an intergenerational exploration of the meaning of sacrifice, purpose and American manhood in the aftermath of war. Directed by Leslye Davis and Catrin Einhorn.

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Father Soldier Son | Official Trailer | Netflix

When Sgt. First Class Brian Eisch is critically wounded in Afghanistan, it sets him and his sons on a journey of love, loss, redemption and legacy.

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  1. Why does every American president want war on the world?

    Why didn't Obama, Trump and Bush send me his son for war instead of a young American?

    These are rulers and leaders who are traitors and liars who only want corruption in the world and murder

  2. i wonder if this boy knows that his father and his colleagues murder men women and children and rape them.
    I wonder how this soldier would like it if his son saw people around him being raped and murdered and how long it would take for him to lose the plot if he did.

  3. This made us cry.His such a great dad and his new wife is an angel.Shes such a loving mother to his sons.God bless your family and to the soldiers who work so hard protecting their country.🇺🇲❤Watching this makes me understand.

  4. The hardest part of the war wasn't the war itself, but coming home and looking at my wife and children and trying to be a normal loving father and husband. I couldn't make it past the preview. It hits too close to home.

  5. Heavy. This documentary is a MUST WATCH. It's well done. Grab your Kleenex. The fact that it spans over many years was a great idea. The ups, the downs, the highs, the lows. Dad n Isaac seem to struggle from day to day. I pray they're in a good place now.
    The saving grace of this family is Maria. God hand picked that woman just for this struggling brood of boys. I'm so glad they found each other. And I'm happy about the new baby, sent from Heaven, no doubt.
    Depression is a killer. I hope everyone in this family finds their way out of it. There's so much to be thankful for, n time lost is lost forever.
    What great kids they are, self sacrificing, unselfish.. I'm so proud of Isaac, he's going to do great things, n I'm absolutely certain he is his Dad's pride n joy, n Joey's hero. I have a son in the Navy, n the pride I feel is immeasurable. I also have a brother that served 24 years in the Navy, 12 years special forces, n is different now. He struggles. When he retired he fell into a very isolating depression. Our late Mother told him, "Look, you have all your appendages, you're lucky to be alive! Snap out of it!" And he did. Mostly. But he is heavily medicated. My Father was a hardened Army veteran. My Uncle n cousin were rangers. Basically every branch, over multiple generations, minus the Marines. I could go on n on with the military men n women in my family. I get it, this really hits home. I myself fluctuate between love n hate with the military.
    Kudos to everyone in this great family for sharing the real, the raw, the truth.. Dad, n Isaac, thank you for serving…
    (If anyone knows if Isaac is still at Fort Bragg, or his current whereabouts, I'd love to send him a care package.)

  6. As a Soldier, if you're wondering if you're a Hero, just check when you deploy, do you deploy to your border or to the other side of the Earth, to a country whose people have asked you to leave.
    A soldier "defending" the country, goes to bases inside their country.
    A soldier expanding an Empire, goes to one of a thousand bases around the world.
    You serve your country with honour by refusing to be cannon fodder for an Empire.

  7. As a 20-year vet I could relate to a lot of things in this documentary. It's one of the best documentaries I've seen in a while but there are some heart wrenching parts that had me tearing up quite a bit.

  8. Damn! Just now I finish this documentary and its Soooo heart breaking 😭 I remember my ex boyfriend his in military also and his been through a lot; my heart still shaking and crying because of joey😭😭😭

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