FEAR STREET Official Trailer (2021) Netflix

FEAR STREET Official Trailer (2021) Netflix

FEAR STREET Official Trailer (2021) Sadie Sink
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  1. What is going on with these people and these long trailers that give out damn near the entire movie. Man make the trailers short and give folks a reason to watch movie my god man.

  2. there will be gay people on this show for sure ,that's the plot , the story doesn't matter later , since Netflix's is all about sharing homosexuality and transgender

  3. Not going to lie, im mildly disappointed by the looks of this but maybe i'm being too harsh right away. This just looks like another Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, for kids, whereas the Fear Street books I read were way more violent and disturbing and aimed towards older teenagers. There was one I read where a murderer killed a girl by sanding her face off and another where they covered someone in hay and fed them to horses. This just looks like watered down PG/PG-13 stuff, but we'll see.

  4. I've just notice something but is it me or Netflix (and others) likes to have gay women in its shows and movies but seems not so much into gay men? Is it because gay men are already more accepted in the US so it's normal to focus on gay women now? Or is it otherwise: gay women are more generally accepted so they rather have gay women characters to look progressive but not being too much offensive for conservative people? Like in Stranger Things, it seemed so natural that Will could be gay (and maybe he will come out in season 4) but they instead introduced a new gay girl character. Maybe I'm a little paranoid on this stuff but I picture myself some business meetings like:
    "- OK we need gay characters to be liked by everyone so what about having Karen or Cindy coming out?
    – What about Steve? It will fit the story more naturally.
    -Well we dont want regular folks to go away, dont we?
    – So what about Jessie?
    – The pretty girl with big boobs? Yeah great idea!"
    I guess it was something like that for Riverdale at least…

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