FOUNDATION Trailer (2021)

FOUNDATION Trailer (2021)

First trailer for Foundation

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  1. Aside from the space elevator scene on Trantor and Seldon's anticipation of his arrest, nothing in this trailer remotely resembles anything from the book. That's troubling.

    And what's up with that intro in the trailer.

  2. Another sci-fi property I have waited years to see but now won't because of an all-encompassing technological corporation that treats its workers as nothing more than property. Looks like it is time to hoist the Jolly Roger one more time, lads.

  3. Pro: Jared Harris is good in just about everything he's been in so far. Kinda surprising that they didn't genderflip Hari Seldon as well when they did it to Demerzel, Salvor Hardin and Gaal Dornick. Maybe they'll have a male Dors Venabili to compensate.

  4. Apple has never been about what their customers want or need. It's always been about Apple's hubris reflected in what they think is best for their customers. That's not the same thing as making people's lives better.

    But since Apple is financing it, what else would they say?

  5. Oh no, dont give us this JJ Abrams style crap. In Foundation Novels there is no fight or War but this looks like a another GI Joe Action bs. Respect Asimov and dont dissapoint us!

  6. Probably going to skip this. Not into contaminating a good book series again with a potentially junky adaptation. There’s enough out there to watch on tv that isn’t being ganked from someone else’s work…

  7. "If ever there were a company that was hoping to sort of better peoples lives through technology through connectivity it's Apple and that's something very much that Asimov was hoping to do".
    Someone send that clown back to Starbucks or wherever he came from

  8. I was told that this was an amazing trailer. I couldn't tell though, as that ridiculous condescending opening line about Apple knocked me right out of it, and I really couldn't focus. And I sure as hell won't be watching this a second time.

  9. Foundation never seemed like story that could be adapted well to a movie. Most of the plot focuses around principles of society, history, and human nature in somewhat of an abstract way. There isn't really much in terms of the texture, action, and interpersonal drama that movies seem to need be filled with. Anyways, it doesn't see this adaptation is going to deal with those themes, but I'll keep my mind open.

  10. Yeah, they lost me at "it unfolds over the course of a thousand years". I think all seven books take place over 29,000, and it "wasn't" the greatest science fiction story of all time, it STILL IS the greatest science fiction work of all time. Gaal, as a woman?? Huh??…and Gaal is gone by page 4 or 5 as the story moves 50 years into the future. I think Apple may have broken the First Law of Robotics!

  11. No way on Earth this is going to be good. Corporate movies suck! Asimov was no friend of these guys. They will churn out some fake-ass woke stuff to ram down our throats and then inform us how good it tasted.

  12. Oh….boy…same feeling I got when I first saw Lord of the Rings for the first time in the movie theater. Hair standing up on the back of my neck. I read the trilogy as a teenager back in the 1980's and I've lived long enough to see it made into a….movie with CGI graphics….how awesome is that? (It's pretty darn awesome…)

  13. Literally the first sentence in the book: “His name was Gaal Dornick and he was a country boy…”

    Apple: Let’s make Gaal a black girl.

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