Get Back | The Beatles: Get Back | Disney+

Get Back | The Beatles: Get Back | Disney+

Meet the Beatles like you’ve never seen them before. See Peter Jackson’s #TheBeatlesGetBack, a three-part original docuseries on @DisneyPlus November 25.

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  1. It's interesting Peter Jackson decided to take the job of editing Get Back footage from an average derivative band like The Beatles when Dirk McQuickly offered him more money (and more prestige) to edit footage from the legendary band The Rutles uncut footage from their Get Up and Go sessions. Maybe it was from the pressure of making a documentary about the greatest band in the world, but I think Peter Jackson made a grave career mistake passing that up. I heard Martin Scorsese immediately jumped at the opportunity to put together The Rutles, Get Up and Go documentary which should be out sometime next year and will probably garner Martin a 3rd Oscar.

  2. I remember when Beatle albums, including this one, were released originally. It doesn’t surprise me that generation after generation has discovered this band and how awesome they were. Their music will live for hundreds of years

  3. Oh c'mon Jo Jo….The #1 album in 1970 & again in 2021…will also win an academy award for #1 musical documentary…. so what
    happen to all those boneheaded critics?? The Beatles are Thee Best!!

  4. I'm just not a fan of this upscaling method they've used, it has made the image too soft and lost some sharpness to get rid of film artifacts, which in my opinion gives it a special charm, which is lost here.

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