Get Ready for Cobra Kai Season 3! Official Cast Recap of Season 1 & 2 | Netflix

Get Ready for Cobra Kai Season 3! Official Cast Recap of Season 1 & 2 | Netflix

New year. New season. Still badass. Season 3 of Cobra Kai premieres this January only on Netflix. And remember, Cobra Kai Never Dies.

Season 1 Recap: 0:00
Season 2 Recap: 9:05


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Get Ready for Cobra Kai Season 3! Official Cast Recap | Netflix

With a new sensei at the helm of the Cobra Kai dojo, a three-way feud takes center stage. Old grudges — like Cobra Kai — never die.

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  1. Maybe 10 hrs left for the next season to come and i want to see Tory and Miguel back in love.

    Sam doesn't deserve Miguel
    1. She changes bfs so fast even i cant change my clothes at this speed.
    2. She lied to his father and Miguel. When Daniel called out all cobra kai students to be the bully gang, she should have revealed that cobra kai's best bully Miguel just saved same from embarrassment.
    3. She advices tory to not steal as it is wrong, and what about that when she and her friends hit Johnny's car. I know she wasn't driving but she lied it to her parents for months.
    4. Miguel hit her accidentally and was purely Miguel's fault, but he tried his best to patch up with Sam, but wow she moved on for Robby so fast. This shows she just wants to jump from one to other.
    5. She deserves no one's friendship just like she did with Aisha. And now when Aisha has got a friend in Tory, she wanted to get her friend back.

    Some people don't like Tory but she is still better than Sam for Miguel. I'm not talking about her past.
    1. She helped Miguel to move on, which Johnny Lawrence too wanted. She did all to help Miguel to move forward in his life.
    2. She was indeed jealous of Sam and that is natural for anyone who has done everything for her loved ones and that's why she conspired to move her out of sight in their first date. Ofcourse none would want her bf's past spoil their future on the first day itself.
    3. Some would say that Tory started the war. Have you guys gone nuts??? Sam and Miguel kissed and that's where it all started.
    Tory showing no mercy to Sam is actually the reflection of John kreese. Tory was unavailable for a lot of time and suddenly comes back after getting manipulated by kreese .Tory is too vulnerable to kreese words as she has faced a lot in life. For example, if someone shoots another with a gun, would you call it the fault of shooter or the gun??…
    4. She even regretted when she saw she accidentally hit Miguel and even Miguel could know that, that's why he blocked Robby.
    5. When Miguel fell off the floor, Tory screamed which shows she was really concerned about him even after getting herself injured.

    Finally, Sam has failed every one, Miguel, Robby, Aisha, and even Daniel and her mom.

    No hard feelings for Mary , I really like her acting. But i really hate her character. Everyone seeing this comment, have a beautiful and happy new year 2021.

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