GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE Trailer 3 (2021) New International Trailer, Zuul, Paul Rudd, Finn Wolfhard
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  1. Gozer's back and Egons family are the new protagonists extreme Ghost Buster's without the crappy extreme characters and didn't need to see the woke version to know it was crap no reason for that movie and it was factory rushed out of production the all girls cast had nothing to do with it's failure but people need better story telling and character development

  2. Now that is how you make a movie that respects the original series while passing the torch onto a new generation. Disney and HBO should be paying very close attention to just how much money this is going to make because I suspect it will surpass all expectations

  3. I'm trying hard but sadly I'm not hyped at all 🙁 I was 8 when I saw the 1st movie in theater, after destroying the franchise with a "women basd team" using magical kids is the last nail in the coffin.

  4. Is it me? Or is it missing some charm to it? Like if it weren’t for Ghostbusters being well known, this would just look like a generic kiddy sci-fi fantasy with no unique identity to stand out from the crowd.

    But that might just be the trailer.

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