GHOSTS OF WAR Trailer (2020) Ghosts Movie

GHOSTS OF WAR Trailer (2020) Ghosts Movie

GHOSTS OF WAR Trailer (2020) Brenton Thwaites
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  1. Its an awful movie. Could have been good but its not a horror movie. A few jump scares and a stupid gun fight scene. Builds up then nothing builds up then nothing.
    Its a simulation the solders are in. A short explanation at the end with bad actors. It had potential but ruined it with a rubbish storyline stupid jump scares and bad dialogue

  2. Best Film of 2020, when will the second movie be shown?

    My mind is completely disorganized

    A beautiful and wonderful fiery movie

    watching the movie

    It is true that it is prohibited to publish any film in the magic of lions and magic of reason

    Is there a second part or season 2?

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