GOD OF WAR 2 RAGNAROK Trailer (2022)

GOD OF WAR 2 RAGNAROK Trailer (2022)

GOD OF WAR 2 RAGNAROK Trailer (2022) Kratos, PS5, 4K
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  1. The female HR SJW people at work there just HAD to put a little black girl in it at the end. In the fucking North. Fucking subversion yo. There were NO black people there, END of story. Doooode relax maannn its just an EBIG game bruhhhh. Make games with thousands of Africans with their own myths and shit, they have them too. Or are they afraid that we won't be as interestd in them? Well they will be, I think they need it in matter of fact. So that they don't need to pollute our art and stories for god's sake.

  2. Oh my god yes. I love how they didn't change much from the previous game, and they're just adding more onto it. The last game was absolutely perfect, now they just need to keep up the amazing story. And I BETTER get mjolnir in this one

  3. I used to love playing this game when I was younger but when I got older I stopped playing the systems but watching this again damn it looks fantastic They should make an emanated series about this game actually I would watch it

  4. I just hope they don't pull a last of us 2, fake/make the trailers different and then it turns out Kratos gets sidelined for some stronk, independent whamen instead. The same way Last of us 2 faked their trailers to give the story a seemingly different tone.

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