GREENLAND Trailer (2020) Gerard Butler Comet Disaster Movie HD

GREENLAND Trailer (2020) Gerard Butler Comet Disaster Movie HD

GREENLAND Trailer (2020) Gerard Butler Comet Disaster Movie HD

PLOT: A family struggles for survival in the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster. #Greeland

CAST: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Scott Glenn

In theaters: August 14th, 2020
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  1. Why go to the movie theaters (if the covid 19 hasn’t shut them down ) to see this movie when you can get a lawn chair sit down and watch it from your own front yard in September 2020 no need for 3-D glasses
    It’s gonna a blockbuster smash ☄️💥🔥💨🤯 for the whole family get ready to be blown away with shear terror that will leave you stuck in a state of pure suspense this is not a movie for people with bad hearts it’s rated X look up the evidence become informed

  2. I hope there is a realistic US president. Giving very realistic TV speeches.

    "One day comet is just going to disappear"
    "This does not require federal response, states should have been prepared"
    "It is all China's fault…. Chinese comet!
    "We had a best economy, we need stop worry about the comet and think about the economy"
    "I heard that comets are made out of ice, and then you have those democrats always saying planet is warming…. I say use the comet to cool down the planet!"

  3. Why see a movie, the disaster for humanity is already upon us through covida, the elites wants to kill most of us off with their fake plandemic and vacc

  4. This is actually going to happen even Yellowstone is going to blow and a tsunami so high higher than any building on this planet it's coming sooner than you think ! @ the elites and illuminati yh we know!! But not even your bunkers can save you!

  5. Years ago I had a dream like the fragments falling down in my city. Everyone stared to run but I knew there was no way we could run fast enough or far enough. Then I woke up. May this world come back to God on His terms. Jesus died for those who hated Him, asked God to forgive them. How much more will He love anyone asking to know Him now? He is real. John 3:16

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