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Directed by Gerrard Williams
Starring Dante Venesio, Maria Heller, Pietro Gian

Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva committed suicide in Berlin in 1945. But across Argentina, in the files of the FBI and in the words of the eyewitnesses a different story emerges that makes it impossible to believe the official story about its dramatic suicide.

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  1. He’s definitely in the top 3 bad guys of the 20th century, let’s not forget what happened in Russia, China and other communist hellholes and the men responsible for those atrocities.

  2. The Nazis stole 100 billion (1.44 trillion 2020) and it's presented like some isolated event. How man trillions have been stolen from the American people thus far? Shit, how many trillions has the American government stolen from other countries? Has Britain stolen from others?

  3. I am Argentine and I am going to comment on my testimony.
    Today I am 47 years old.
    I remember that when I was about 7 years old, around 1981, I lived in Palpalá (Jujuy province in Argentina) and I remember that my mother told me the following: they say that Hitler has been seen in Patagonia.
    She told me very clearly that she was in Argentina.
    I remember that in 1985, once they took me by car through the city of Salta and I saw a man standing on a sidewalk of about 35 or 40 years old who was like a replica of Hitler but he was dressed as a beggar and had on a pullover and pants To wear.
    I remember very well that I saw him standing on the west sidewalk on Simón Boliviar street between Rivadavia street and Sarmiento street.
    Right on the sidewalk where the current Arenales hospital is.
    I remember it was about 6 in the afternoon and it seems to me that it was winter.
    To whoever was driving the car, I did not want to tell him to stop, because I knew he was not interested in this topic.
    I will never forget him because he really knew the image of Hitler well, because he was studying World War II.
    My questions are: Has Hitler been visiting the city of Salta in Argentina?
    Have you accidentally left a natural child? In the city of Salta.
    Could it have been a son of Hitler? But he didn't know it was.
    Maybe you have had sex with a young woman and accidentally got her pregnant.
    Quite a mystery to follow the investigation.

    Soy argentino y voy a comentar mi testimonio.
    Hoy tengo 47 años.
    Recuerdo que cuando tenía unos 7 años, alrededor de 1981, vivía en Palpalá (provincia de Jujuy en Argentina) y recuerdo que mi madre me dijo lo siguiente: dicen que a Hitler lo han visto en la Patagonia.
    Me dijo muy claramente que estaba en Argentina.
    Recuerdo que en 1985, una vez me llevaron en auto por la ciudad de Salta y vi a un hombre parado en una vereda de unos 35 o 40 años que era como una réplica de Hitler pero vestía de mendigo y tenía puesto un pullover y un pantalón de vestir.
    Recuerdo muy bien que lo visto parado en la vereda oeste en la calle Simón Boliviar entre la calle Rivadavia y la calle Sarmiento.
    Justo en la vereda en donde esta el actual hospital Arenales.
    Recuerdo que eran como las 6 de la tarde y me parece que era en invierno.
    A quien manejaba el auto, no le quise decir que pare, porque sabía que no le interesaba este tema.
    Nunca lo olvidaré porque realmente conocía bien la imagen de Hitler, porque estaba estudiando la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
    Mis preguntas son: ¿Hitler ha estado visitando la ciudad de Salta en Argentina?
    ¿Ha dejado accidentalmente un hijo natural? En la ciudad de Salta.
    ¿Podría haber sido un hijo de Hitler? Pero él no sabía que lo era.
    Tal vez hayas tenido relaciones sexuales con una mujer joven y la hayas dejado embarazada accidentalmente.
    Todo un misterio para seguir la investigación.

  4. This movie is just mere speculation over the escape of Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun. I say this for several reasons. First of all, Hitler was supposed to be both impotent and sterile. So how can you say that he sired a daughter with Eva Braun? Secondly, Hitler was a vegan. So, he would not have been eating roasted chicken for dinner. Thirdly, Hitler's body was so wracked with Parkinson's Disease, drug dependency, and other ailments that he never would have survived the U-boat trip from Germany. Fourthly, any U-boat that attempted to leave Germany in April, 1945 would have been sunk by the American or British Navy. Fiftly, Hitler was so much of a wussy-boy that he would never have endured the pain of plastic surgery. For it was a known fact that Hitler hated and feared pain. And finally, Hitler, like his crony Martin Boorman, never would have been able to slip out of Berlin. Everyone knew what Hitler looked like. Even had he shaved his little, mustache, grew a beard, or grew a heavier mustache, his voice and personality would have given him away. No, Hitler and Eva Braun's bones would have been found in that Berlin sewer next to Boorman's.

  5. That's all nonsense. Both the dead of the Fuhrer and his escape to Argentina were just carefully planned distractions from Hitler's real wherabouts! Truth is the Fuhrer's brain was preserved (the nazi science was highly advanced) and brougt to a secret base in New Suebia in Antarctica. There they feed his memory and personality to a computer which is now connected to the world wide web. In time he will emerge in physical form again but without all the digestion and tummy problems he had in his first existence. Beware of the Fuhrer!

  6. You show 13:00 Hitler sitting down to lunch on cornish hen, but everyone knows he was vegetarian. Your actor says he ate the same meals as everyone, sausage, ham, vegetables. On review, his doctor would've insisted that he eat some meat and bird to recover from the amphetamine drain on his system.

  7. Thousands of Nazi war criminals escaped Europe to every western hemisphere country, using Vatican passports and visas and red cross travel cards, it was called operation paper clip.

  8. Everybody in the comments freaking out cause it shows Hitler eating squab (not chicken people. But does taste like dark chicken meat.). It's young domestic pigeon. There are two reports of people saying he eat meat. A Dione Lucas report her squab as his favorite and Hess's own wife Ilsa Hess report that his favorite was leberkloesse , liver dumplings. Which he continue to eat after the supposedly vegetarian transition.

  9. I'm sorry but I find it kind of hard to believe that Hitler was actually tormented by all the people he had killed and the horrible crimes he committed against Jewish people or people that werent white germans because I seriously doubt Hitler had a conscious at all🤷‍♂️💯 I mean he wouldn't have had millions of people killed if he was a type of person that would regret it later and be tormented by it in his dreams and shit like that… I'm not saying it's impossible I just kind of doubt it… But I do seriously hope that is true because I love to think about and suffering for his last years on Earth💯💯💯😂🤣😂😭😭

  10. 1:09:20 😑😑😑smfh🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ okay🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ for 1. There's absolutely no way that guy could have actually been able to hit a vein with him moving around that much & 2. It's physically impossible for any drug or medication to take effect that quickly unless he was able to injected into a vein because it was injected into his muscle it would take at least 5 to 15 mins to start taking effect💯💯💯🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ just sayin

  11. 1:04:50 I really hope Hitler did die alone and depressed and defeated instead of the way we were told he died although DNA testing at proving that he couldn't possibly killed himself and that bunker could the two bodies they claimed we're Hitler and Eva Braun could not have possibly been them according to DNA testing…. but I like the fact that he suffered and was depressed and he got to watch all his power and dreams leave while his body slowly deteriorated instead of just shooting himself in the head and when he realized the war was lost…….. I like to think he suffered at least a little bit🤷‍♂️💯💯💯🖕🏼

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