GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks World War II Movie HD

GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks World War II Movie HD

GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks World War II Movie HD

PLOT: During World War II, a US Navy skipper must lead an Allied convoy being stalked by Nazi U-boat wolf packs. Starring Tom Hanks and Elisabeth Shue. #Greyhound

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  1. I was disappointed at this movie I mean most of the battle scenes where computarized i just think they could have Done a much better job it’s like saving private Ryan how would that movie have look with cheap computarized battle scenes? Ridiculous why hanks went along with this it’s beyond me it kill all credibility but money 💰 moves mountains in some cases.

  2. I think I have seen all the action scenes on you tube, but would still like to buy the dvd. BUT Apple doesn't want to sell it. I am not going to buy another network for one movie. I think Tom Hanks goes to Apple TV and screw the movie.

  3. sad that America haters( snowflakes , millennials,antifa & blm- native Americans) don’t realize we might all be speaking german if usa didn’t help Europe defeat the NAZIS .

  4. Haven't seen the movie but in the trailer, Hanks wears LCDR shoulder boards but CDR collar device. Was he promoted during the movie or did the producers fail to get a Navy consultant? Any E-1 should see there's a difference.

  5. Greyhound is inspired by World War II but technically it is not a "true story". Therefore, I think the director , Aaron Schneider, could have done a better job with diversifying the cast since he had a lot of the creative direction in his hands. The only main non caucasian character in the film was Rob Morgan, and he plays a "messman" (how predictable) . Its 2020. I am tired of seeing movies like these… (Where is representation for the Asian community, Black community, Latino community, Indigenous Indians community etc in the US Navy) and honestly this film is a bit overrated because the plot wasn't that mesmerising as I had hoped. Its just another war movie when it boils down to the skeleton idea of it.

  6. How about a comment from someone that was stationd aboard a Destroyer. We were in the North Atlantic. Rough as hell. Ship tossed around like a cork. Had all you could do to keep it near on course and not broaching. The deck tilt indicator on the bridge had already gone past the point of no return several times. I turned to the Captain and said.."If I was supposed to be here…I'd have web feet and my head would turn backwards"…

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