GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks

GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks

GREYHOUND Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks
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  1. The Outpost (2020)f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘


  2. sad that America haters( snowflakes , millennials,antifa & blm- native Americans) don’t realize we might all be speaking german if usa didn’t help Europe defeat the NAZIS .

  3. Greyhound is inspired by World War II but technically it is not a "true story". Therefore, I think the director , Aaron Schneider, could have done a better job with diversifying the cast since he had a lot of the creative direction in his hands. The only main non caucasian character in the film was Rob Morgan, and he plays a "messman" (how predictable) . Its 2020. I am tired of seeing movies like these… (Where is representation for the Asian community, Black community, Latino community, Indigenous Indians community etc in the US Navy) and honestly this film is a bit overrated because the plot wasn't that mesmerising as I had hoped. Its just another war movie when it boils down to the skeleton idea of it.

  4. i wonder if any off you brave man would do this in real life , those guys and many off them 19,20 years old did it so before you make stupid comments think about it

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