HARD KILL Official Trailer (2020) Bruce Willis Movie

HARD KILL Official Trailer (2020) Bruce Willis Movie

First trailer for Hard Kill starring Bruce Willis.

Download HARD KILL Official Trailer (2020) Bruce Willis Movie from here:



  1. this looks dumb as hell. worse line in a movie "come out come out wherever you are". So basically a lot of shooting, super female over powering guys 4 times her size with no effort and alot of bad lines. Yeah sounds great. Lame.

  2. Wow this movie is horrible beyond words. I literally had to pause it half way to come here and post a comment to save anyone else from wasting even a minute watching this garbage.

    I cannot believe Bruce is in such a utterly crappy movie. This made me lose any respect for Bruce and I'm probably going to avoid his movies from now on.

    Its literally the stupidest script with completely cringey acting… I am beyond flabbergasted that this movie was made. It has absolutely the worst of the worst scenes that are just pure stupid beyond any words I can summon right now. Never in a long time have I felt so much cringe like this…

    Is the world going stupid on me??? I mean, I could literally probably hire a 3rd grader to come up with a better script.. there are parts that are made so horribly that its hard for me to believe they were written like this on purpose!

    Wow wow wow… do yourself a huge favor and avoid this movie at all costs, unless you're into cringe and want to have the biggest cringe moments of your life. But be advised, this kind of cringe will probably permanently give you brain rot or some kind of severe neurological disorder. Don't say I didn't warn you!


    Shame on you Bruce.. you have completely lost it. I was literally feeling embarrassed for you so hard that I could not look at you in so many parts of this movie… and I was only half way through it!!

  3. This movie is nothing but a huge Cliche of a bad action movie! Someone tells the person being protected to stay in a certain spot and of course they don't stay! Causing what was going ok, to the whole mission in jeopardy because they didn't listen! And of course the fighting between the supposed good guys because they felt betrayed! Unfortunately Bruce Willis picked a terrible movie to play in this time!

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