Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Reveals Way More Than You Think (Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Trailer)

Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Reveals Way More Than You Think (Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Trailer)

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 trailer breakdown is the Horizon forbidden west trailer
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  1. 2:20 also Transamerica pyramid @ 1 O'clock.
    Fun fact: it was initially going to be much taller to rival east coast's ESB in New York, but due to public outcry it never got it's original height along with a glory.

  2. Hopefully they’ll let us swap the controls so we can use square and triangle for melee and r1 and r2 for traversal controls like crouching. I hate using r1 and r2 for melee, it’s so damn slow.

  3. Fun fact:most machines in this game will be inspired of the comic The footage captured in the trailer is actually already developed cutscences In the game and I am pretty sure the tribe we will be focusing on this game is the Utalru it's pretty cool I just hope we get more variety in quests especially side quests not that they were bad in the 1st game

  4. I'm pretty sure the people Sylens is teaming up with in Horizon Forbidden West are the Tenakth. They are supposed to be the tribe in power to the south of the Sundom and in the Forbidden West and it would make sense for him to manipulate the violent Tenakth clans with a show of strength by overriding machines. To what end, who knows, but the clothing looks similar to the few Tenakth we can find in Zero Dawn.

  5. I have only played the PC version of HZD. It would be awesome if they ported HZD2 to PC as well. They will make a hell of a lot more money. And, knowing Sony money is God. Let's just hope they get the lip sync correct this time.

  6. I hope we so many more animals besides boars, foxes, rabbits and birds. There’s obviously sea life in the sequel and that makes me wonder what other animals got reintroduced to the world before everything self destructed. Hope maybe even there’s a chance it can all come back online somehow and have everything go to plan like it was supposed to with humans learning proper knowledge and the world being repopulated with larger animals.

  7. Idk bout you guys but I'm really hoping to see a snake machine like a sand work or a water snake type of machine that you have to fight as a boss or maybe even robot humans that are in the abandoned underwater structures

  8. I think we'll meet the DEMETER AI this time around. It's responsible for the plants and stuff and I can imagine that HADES took control of her like HEPAESTUS took control of the AI in Frozen Wilds. Also HEPHAESTUS will probably also play a bigger role, since he is def aware of Aloy since the Fronzen Wilds and I can imagine him working with HADES. And I think it might be possible, since it is the Forbidden West that tech-savy and desperate people lived there from the start, that are now competing for resources fiercely. Maybe the bad guys we saw were some kind of mafia like overlords that terrified everyone else in giving them resources, but who knows, there wasn't a lot of stuff on them. Silence obvs has an even bigger role. And I would love to meet GAIA if shes still around, since clearly the other AIs don't work as intended without her around, maybe Ayloy will restore her somehow and GAIA will take the role of SIlence as a kind of and guide. And there probs will be underwater missions wonder how that'll work and how big the map is and what all the new features are.

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