How Han Is Still Alive In Fast And Furious 9

How Han Is Still Alive In Fast And Furious 9

Fast And Furious 9 Is Bringing Back Some Major Characters
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The “Fast and Furious 9” trailer just dropped and it has fans anxious, excited, and confused. The trailer is packed with the action, fast cars, and the characters we all love, but a moment near the end of the trailer has fans wondering how the franchise is going to tackle the return of a beloved character who perished in a huge car crash. This character is Han Seoul-Oh, portrayed by Sung kang, who first made his appearance in “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift”–which is the same film that portrayed his untimely demise. He’s appeared in three other films since thanks to the franchise’s complicated timeline, but now that the timelines have caught up, how is it possible that Han’s back? Well, the Fast franchise isn’t new to bringing back characters, so we’ve got a couple of theories as to how the film will handle Han’s return. Spoiler alert–one of them involves the cybernetic enhancements from “Hobbs and Shaw.” Check out our video for all the theories and what director Justin Lin has to say about handling Han’s much-awaited resurrection.

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  1. Han was my favorite character ever since I watched Tokyo Drift when I was 7 and what’s crazy is that i’ve been manifesting him to be alive ever since the first time I watched Tokyo Drift, It’s still crazy to think about it.

  2. This one should of been left alone. If they didnt want Han dead, then they should of just gone and said that tokyo drift is non-canon. But they screwed that up going back to it in furious 7.

  3. I have a theory, when fast 10 happens Han and decard will work together and yes I know what you guys are going to say, "but Jase, Han will want revenge on decard" no no no, not really cause hans head was sideways then he could not have seen decards face, and at the end of fast 10 decard will tell Han that he was the one to crash into him back in tokyo and Han will perhaps forgive him

  4. imagine your grandpa telling you a good, sad, emotional but satisfying story before bed. then slowly adding more parts to it taking away all that made the story good by making everyone superman literally. thats the Fast and the Furious to me.

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