Immigration Nation | Official Trailer | Netflix

Immigration Nation | Official Trailer | Netflix

This documentary series offers a unique and nuanced view of the ongoing struggles in America’s broken immigration system.


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Immigration Nation | Official Trailer | Netflix

With unprecedented access to ICE operations, as well as moving portraits of immigrants, this docuseries takes a deep look at U.S. immigration today.

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  1. If you hate so much ICE and also Trump just remember Bill Clinton and Obama signed very strict laws against illegal immigration. The law was there long time ago, now is being enforced.
    If you have money to pay a "coyote" don't be a fool and do it the right way: Come LEGALLY.

  2. People try not to blame trump but even in the series the said they prioritized immigrants with serious crime offenders witch Im fine with but people who been here 20 years plus no criminal past I understand it’s illegal it’s also illegal do deny people of there rights and it gets done every day at the border and the lower income neighborhoods and nothing happens

  3. Been legal or iligal dos not mean nothing or been from here or from there what realy counts is the way you see the place where u are and wath u can do to. Make bether belibed or not we all have grand parents or so that came to these country and back then u dont realy need a peace paper to enter legaly to the free land these territory do not belongs to nobody but the native indians and than if u have theirs blood u. Are in the right place. Other than that do u are just a visitor that born in a place that wasnt yours

  4. Very informative, heartbreaking documentary. I have to turn it off sometimes. We should not be separating law abiding parents from their children. Much respect to Ted Lieu and others for trying to expose it

  5. The US went wrong when we stopped allowing migrant WORKERS free passage to support their families. People who are trying to make a living should be helped, not hindered. Criminals, that's different. We need to find a balance. I'm a man with a family – and I hate families being penalized and broken apart. Immigration reform is so important to make it easier for folks to make a living and be part of society. Our relationship with Mexico and other Latino countries should be positive, and right now we are doing everything to make it negative. Breaks my heart.

  6. How come this government just don’t get all of the illegals out

    Because they would loose the veggies and cheap foods

    If there is someone to blame, is this people’s government for stilling their money 💴 if they were happy in their country who the hell will come to this country


  7. When the boss called the agent and said “I don’t care what you do bring at least 2 people in today” even the agent said it was a stupid thing for the boss to say on camera

  8. "This is my job". Said the Nazis also. It's embarrassing seeing the agents speaking, clearly, they were recruited not because of their morals, but for the lack of it. And also the lack of cognitive ability and knowledge of the world to understand that they are just clowns within a political force that cyclically presents itself in history, but is bound to fail. They themselves are from immigrant families on American soil, but they must not have this understanding.

  9. For me the best part was when the guy of the Sinaloa Cartel says about the border Patrol "we dont see them as enemies, we understand it is their job, but we have a job too, nothing personal". These are almost the exact same words that the ICE agents use to justify their burocracy and what the do and why they do it.

  10. ICE will be abolished at some moment, it is inminent, it is its destiny just looking at the demographic shift and the numbers of the new voters versus old people. There is no question and the Agency will pass through history as one of the most shameful moments of USA history same as segregation.

  11. The whole thing is about racism and discrimination because even though the "brown people" enter illegally to this country, there are millions of Canadians and Europeans leaving illegally in the USA but because they are "white" they don't bother them. Also, who represents more of a threat a Mexican doing jobs Americans don't want to do or a White immigrant taking the good jobs from Americans???

  12. As an immigrant, I am watching this and I find it is sad and often heartbreaking. These people come here looking for better lives. However, they know that the risk of deportation is always there if you are here illegally. It has always been like that. Even before ICE was created by Bush. My dad came to the US in the 80’s and used to tell us stories how the police went to certain places arresting undocumented people. Anyone they could get their hands on. The problem today is that there is this false sense of safety that deportation, or anything for that matter, will never happen and when it happens, it is upsetting. People make choices but don’t want to face the consequences of those choices. ICE is using the same procedure as when a citizen commits a crime and people are separated from their families and children. It is an unfortunate situation all around, but actions have consequences. If you do something illegally, there is always the chance that you will get caught. Not matter what it is. Even if it is being here illegally.

  13. Watched the entire series thinking this was a documentary.
    NOT a documentary.
    The series is designed to convey 1 belief. Documtaries cover a subject objectively & let you decide/ come to your own conclusions.
    They could've done such good by covering ALL immigrants to USA, financial costs & benefits for the Country having illegal immigrants, # of immigrants per Country coming to USA, etc.
    This was disappointing.
    It had a great opportunity to address immigration & contributions each culture brings to USA.
    It was predominantly bashing current Administration.

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