JAMES BOND 007 NO TIME TO DIE Trailer # 2 (2020)

JAMES BOND 007 NO TIME TO DIE Trailer # 2 (2020)

JAMES BOND 007 NO TIME TO DIE Trailer (2020) Daniel Craig, Ana De Armas
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  1. You fu*king morons… You gonna kill another classic franchise just to feed your shiatty agenda…
    Let me hit you with filthy fact here… When Armageddon will takeover the world, very first thing which will disappear from face of earth is woke feminist. And it's gonna happened very soon…

  2. This trailer has a style of Everything or Nothing, which was supposed to be Brosnan's last film. I think this style of villain more megalomaniac and with many action scenes is cool. I believe Daniel Craig will end his era very good.

  3. I hope this Clip gets out there. Cause they have been spinning this like Ghostbusters woke crap. And Its not, this footage just proves 007 is the main character. Where not going to go watch it and them pull a woke Fate and kill him 5 minutes into the movie and the girl takes his place.

  4. Lol, I love the fact that people are upset the film has two black chicks in it. Dudes, it's a James Bond movie and it has miniguns in the headlights, what more do you want? Plus, they've been contrasting Bond with characters since the beginning because it works. Counterposing the older white attractive masculine lead again against effeminate crippled bad guys and having him team up with young black chicks is just part of storytelling.

  5. Strong female characters are fine, strong black characters are fine, strong black female characters are also fine.
    But flat out telling the audience to get with the program, that women can do everything that men can do and better, and forcing a character into the movie simply because she's a black woman who don't need no man isn't fine. I don't know exactly how to put it into words, but whilst for example miss Moneypenny feels like a character written by a serious writer who happened to decide she needed to be played by a black woman, this new double-O feels like a project designed by a commission of recently graduated gender studies students who decided they needed an independent black woman to humble bond and then started to write a character around it.

    Again, there's no issue with strong female characters.
    The new Moneypenny is badass.
    Judi Dench's portrayal of M is one of the most amazing strong female characters in cinematic history.
    But please don't write stories to appease woke Twitter mobs, just try to write good stories.

    Maybe I'm wrong, maybe this new character will turn out fine, my opinion is based on trailers after all. But there's a trend going on in cinema recently, and audiences have taken note.

  6. I'm done with these shit movies. Started with a short unattractive actor and now James bond is a lesbian African European woman and it's all supposed to blow my mind because of the 3rd grade education of the writers. I'll pass. Just make a good movie, stop with the bullshit agenda crap. I don't buy a Honda to find out there is a Ford engine in it.

  7. No Time for D.I.E. Diversity. Inclusion. Equality. Religion. Bond is a white man with Brown Hair and Brown eyes. Felix Lighter is a white man. Stop trying to fuck up the franchise on your way out Craig. Create another franchise with a black transvestite woman as your hero character. Stop re-purposing existing IP.

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