Jungle Master Full Movie 2013

Jungle Master Full Movie 2013

When a girl named Rainie runs away from home after her mom Ilene forgot about her 12th birthday, she is accidentally transported from the big city to an enchanted jungle planet where she meets a Lumore named Blue. With the help of Blue’s adoptive grandfather Dr. Sedgewick and their newfound friends Mulla and Tulla, they embark on an epic adventure to help Blue become the leader he is destined to be and save the rainforest from Ilene and Dr. Sedgwick’s villainous boss named Boss Cain.

English castEdit

Victoria Justice as Rainie, a 12-year-old girl who is accidentally transported to the jungle planet.

David Spade as Boss Cain, a crooked businessman who wants to use the material from the jungle planet to preserve the Earth.

Josh Peck as Blue, a Lumore who Rainie befriends.

Jon Lovitz as Mulla, a Lumore who helps Blue through his rite of passage.

Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Sedgwick, a scientist operating on the jungle planet who adopts Blue.

Jane Lynch as Ilene, the workaholic mother of Rainie.

Michael McConnohie as Dr. Wells, one of the scientists that works for Boss Cain.

Shondalia White as Tulla, a Lumore who is a friend of Mulla and helps Blue through his rite of passage.

Jason Sarayba as Justin, a friend of Ilene.

Additional voices by Bill J. Gottlieb, Wes Hubbard, Steve Kramer, and Michelle Ruff.

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