JUSTICE LEAGUE Snyder CUT Final Trailer (2021)

JUSTICE LEAGUE Snyder CUT Final Trailer (2021)

JUSTICE LEAGUE Snyder CUT Final Trailer (New, 2021)
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  1. This movie was awesome! And honestly if they make it on DVD and blu ray (which I’m sure they will), I’m buying it! Yes I can watch it on hbo max but honestly to me it’s worth having a hard copy of this movie in my collection!

  2. "So begins the End!" Don't trust them folx they keep lying to us again and again, every time they say the same thing by arranging those same words like — "the End Begins", "The Beginning of the End", "The Beginning of the End of the Ending", "The End of the Beginning" etc. etc. The End never comes it seems! WE WILL NOT FALL FOR THIS ONE!

  3. Okay so I watched it and I think it’s good but not great it has many flaws. The music totally ruined it for me. No epicness whatsoever. They didn’t give wonder woman’s theme justice in this as they did when she fought doomsday. But the ending battle was beyond great. It’s how I expected it to be. Darkseid was amazing but they didn’t present him as invincible as he should’ve appeared. 4 hours is wrong for this. Too many unnecessary scenes that don’t move the story forward., too many voiceovers and too many slow motion attacks ruined it. This is not Sparta. This is DC comics. You gotta hit em and you gotta hit em fast. Overall I’d give it 7/10 it was definitely an improvement. IF there is future for this, I hope it would be Darkseid and only him as the villain. No evil Superman. No injustice. No dead Lois lane. And while you’re at it fire Jared as joker too. He sucked. He was even worse then he was on suicide squad. His laugh was a joke. His lines were stupid and didn’t make sense. It was all over the place.

  4. I think after all the reviews circulated around the internet globe,even after fans and critics watching the Snyder cut,they all want to see the knightmare film of justice league.Who doesn’t want to see a mad max future where a dissembled justice league take on a ruthless dictator superman???? I would like to see that please.You can take my money for that Zack.#Restorethesnyderverse

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