Know Before You Watch: Trolls World Tour | Movieclips Trailers

Know Before You Watch: Trolls World Tour | Movieclips Trailers

Need a refresher course on everything Poppy and Branch have been up to prior to their new movie? Here’s everything you need to know before you watch ‘Trolls World Tour’, premiering at home on April 10!

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The Other Side (Trolls World Tour) by SZA, Justin Timberlake
Can’t Stop the Feeling by the cast of Trolls World Tour
Don’t Slack (Trolls World Tour) by Anderson .Paak, Justin Timberlake
& Music Courtesy of Extreme Music

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  1. Branch and Poppy aren't dating in the movie. That's Branch's entire arc in the movie is the fact he isn't dating her and he's coming to terms with whether or not they're compatible with one another.

  2. I am not usually interested in animated movies, aside from Pixar and Spider-Man and the Spider Verse, but I want to see this. The reason why is because I used to have a friend who thought heavy metal was evil (even though he thought the glam metal bands and classic rock bands were good) and I guess he had perceptions of the heavy metal bands having evil plots (e.g. turning people into psychopaths, using fear to have people do their biddings, conquering the land, and forcing people to worship Satan), but the good bands like Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Deep Purple, KISS, and Motley Crüe, even early Pantera (1981-1988) would save the day. This movie could very well be close to my perceptions.

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