Last And First Men – Teaser Trailer

Last And First Men – Teaser Trailer

A film by Johann Johannsson, 2020, Iceland, 70′
Narrated by Tilda Swinton

Two billion years ahead of us, a future race of humans finds itself on the verge of extinction. Almost all that is left in the world are lone and surreal monuments, beaming their message into the wilderness.

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  1. Amazing film watched it last night was blown away. To anticipate 3 billion years into the future is a phanominal achievement to actually put it in a film is beyond expectations. It does leave me with great wonder. I wanna see it again for sure as I feel I will get different things from lt if u do. The amount if wonder it leaves u with, 24 hours since I watched it and my head is still wtf! 🤣 I'm honestly blown away by it.

  2. This has got to be the worst film Of all time. I’ve tried twice to watch this. The 1st time only lasted 15 min then I turned it off then after wanting something to watch I came across it again and read the comments and thought maybe it gets better after 15 but nope it’s seriously sooooooo bad. What the he’ll is it because it’s not a movie at all, there’s just a woman speaking with creepy music and pics of rocks. It’s terrible. I don’t understand what it is. Is this a piece of art because it’s not a documentary and it’s an insult to be called a movie. What the hell are all these people watching that commented, am I missing something.
    Maybe after 30 min actual people pop up and the movie stArted lol because there’s no people, there’s no acting, there’s no story, there no plot it’s something that should be in like maybe a back room in a museum titled very bad movie please don’t watch!!!!

  3. It's like a boring documentary but with the added and annoying inconvinient that to make it more boring the speed is at 0.25. I love sci-fi, the universe, other worlds, aliens, time-travel etc but man, this is boooring as fuck.

  4. This film is garbage its not a film its an audio book, I actually read this book and liked it so it was very disappointing to just see some random soviet architecture with an audiobook over it, lazy, pretentious garbage the book was incredibly good don't let this poor substitute replace it.

  5. Watched it as I love Sci Fi and am a little tired of all the movies about battles in space. Based on a book from the 1930s. Also Tilda Swinson is great in anything she does.This is an amazing spectacle, a dream almost and the story and narrative is so strong. I can only imagine the imagery on an Imax screen. Gonna watch again most certainly.

  6. Da faque is wrong with you fools? You complain that trailers show too much, and then this time you complain about THIS trailer? If this didn't leave you wondering about the film, then you probably are the type who enjoyed the last several Star Wars films immensely.

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