Love 101 | Season 2 Trailer | Netflix

Love 101 | Season 2 Trailer | Netflix

They have to put up a bigger fight for their friendship, love and courage because life gets more difficult as you grow up. #Love101 returns with its second season on September 30th, only on Netflix.

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Love 101 | Season 2 Trailer | Netflix

A new student joins the crew as their feud with Necdet escalates. A new love blossoms while existing relationships fray under pressure.

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  1. Bitiyo sonunda aq. Sırf millet ne anlayıp izliyo diye geldim. Saçma salak şeyler. Yabancılarda sanıyor tek derdimiz okul müdürü ülkeyi o müdürün üst versiyonları yönetiyo amk

  2. when i saw the trailer i was freaking out and all excited about it until i see the damn thing that says its final season WHY NETFLIX this show deserves 1 more season too im gonna cry..

  3. A little info for the foreigner fans:There is an organization called RTÜK in Turkey. We can say that the television and radio board. It is said that the character named Osman in the series was actually created as a gay character, but the scenario was changed with the pressures of RTÜK. In the past months, the Netflix Turkey original series 'If Only' was also canceled because it had a gay character. You may wonder how RTÜK can interfere with streaming platforms. Because although Turkey is governed by a republic, we cannot say that it is a democratic country under these conditions. The current government continues to commit hate crimes every day. They have a terrible hatred for women, minorities and especially LGBTI+ individuals. The President even said at one point, 'There is no such thing as a lesbian'. The interior minister (it turned out to be related to the mafia) called homosexuals 'perverted'. In addition, they recently banned the book 'Heart Palpitation' because it contains a homosexual love. In short, TV series, movies, books cannot be produced freely at the moment. The creators of the series could not stand the pressure of the government and made the series final. While countless human rights violations take place every day in Turkey, Afghanistan and the Middle East. I do not understand why organizations supporting human rights, international organizations such as the European Union do not speak up. While we are trying to live in countries where human rights are disregarded, no one hears our voice. Please find out what is going on in the world. We are unable to breathe!

  4. lan ben buna tahammül edemezdim, fragman müthiş hazırlanmış ;iştahım kabardı şu an, yalnızca ikinci sezonu izlemek istedim. muhtemelen fragman çarpıcı göründüğü için, biri fragmanı alsın dönem dizileriyle ilgili arşivlerden birine atsın lütfen.

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