Lupin | Official Teaser | Netflix

Lupin | Official Teaser | Netflix

Some books go way beyond a story. Omar Sy is Assane Diop gentleman-thief, in Lupin. Coming in January on Netflix.


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Lupin | Official Teaser | Netflix

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  1. Ok…so here in Canada in the mid 90s, I was a little kid, and we had a French Canadian show called Nighthood, which was about Arsene Lupin… it aired here in both English and French. It was VERY Canadian, beautifully animated, and I remember it would only come on at night. I was completely fascinated by Lupin. I didn't know what the anime Lupin the 3rd was, as we barely had any anime in Canada in the mid 90s. Nighthood was entirely its own show with a completely different style. Anyways, I'm a Black Nova Scotian, and seeing this trailer makes me so happy. I never thought I'd see a Black version of this character I remember so vividly from my childhood. This is very cool!

  2. Just to clear up things for anyone still confused: Assane Diop (the main character) reads the Arsene Lupin books created by Maurice LeBlanc and decided to become a gentleman-thief (like Lupin). Lupin 3rd is an anime created based on the books, hence Lupin THE THIRD since he supposed to be the grandson of the original Arsene Lupin.

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