Marvel's SPIDER-VERSE (2021) Teaser Trailer – New Marvel Movie Concept | Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire

Marvel's SPIDER-VERSE (2021) Teaser Trailer – New Marvel Movie Concept | Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire

SPIDER-VERSE (2021) Teaser Trailer

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The Teaser Trailer Concept for the upcoming “SPIDER-VERSE”. Hope will be reborn. Hope you enjoy this video, please leave a like, share the video, comment it and subscribe, it’s free.

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With Spider-Verse factoring in Spider-Man 3, it’s curious how the threequel will address the fallout of Far From Home’s mid-credits scene where Peter’s real identity was revealed to the world. The concept of the multiverse is a tricky one to tackle so chances are that it will be the primary narrative of the movie. As exciting as it is to see worlds collide in the project, it’s also a bit disappointing knowing that the narrative may not really be able to explore the ramifications of Spider-Man’s entanglement with Quentin Beck/Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

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  1. Fancast del spiderverse (fan cast live action En Español)
    Tom Holland Es Prime Spiderman
    Andrew Garfield Es Amazing Spiderman
    Tobey Maguire Es Ultimate Spiderman (el que se sacrificara)
    Nicolas Cage Es Spiderman Noir
    Dove Cameron Es Spidergwen
    Julian Bass Es Spiderman Miles Morales
    Jessica Sula Es Spidergirl De Anya Del Ucm
    Sophie Turner Es Julia Carpenter
    Oscar Isaac Es Spiderman 2099
    Tiffany Espensen Es Silk Del Ucm
    Daisy Ridley Es Jessica Drew Del Ucm
    Shailee Woodley Es Ultimate Jessica Drew
    Sophia Lilis Es May Day Parker (Universo De Peter B Parker)
    John Boyega Es Spider Punk
    Asa Butterfield Es Superior Spiderman (con la voz de Alfred molina en su cabezota)
    Angourie Rice Es Spider Woman (Betty Brant)
    Sabrina Carpenter Es May Reilly (Lady Spider)
    Judah Lewis es Kaine Parker (Scarlett Spider II)
    Ty Simpkins es Ben Reilly (el original Scarlett Spider)
    Matthew Lintz es Aracnido JR
    Charlie Plummer Es Spiderman 1602
    Charlie Rowe Es SpiderMan Mangaverse
    Lili Reinhart Es Mary Jane Del Manga Verse
    Odeya Rush Es Spiderwoman De Old Man Logan (el logan de la pelicula de 2017)
    Iron spider, black spiderman, seis brazos y spiderman uk (universo de loki) son tom holland
    Spider Carnage es Robbie Daymond (si el Spiderman de la serie de 2017 que es una m#”%!)

  2. FanCast Spiderverse Legacy (fan cast live action)
    Tom Holland As Prime Spiderman
    Andrew Garfield As Amazing Spiderman
    Tobey Maguire As Ultimate Spiderman (THE ONE WHO SACRIFIES HIMSELF)
    Nicolas Cage As Spiderman Noir
    Dove Cameron As Spidergwen
    Caleb McLaughlin As Spiderman Miles Morales
    Jessica Sula As Spidergirl Anya Corazon/MCU
    Sophie Turner As Julia Carpenter Madame Web/MCU
    Oscar Isaac As Spiderman 2099
    Tiffany Espensen As MCU/Silk
    Daisy Ridley As Jessica Drew/MCU
    Shailee Woodley As Ultimate Jessica Drew
    Sophia Lilis As May Day Parker (Universe of Peter B Parker)
    John Boyega As Spider Punk
    Asa Butterfield As Superior Spiderman (with a voice of Alfred molina in your head)
    Angourie Rice As Spider Woman (Betty Brant)
    Sabrina Carpenter As May Reilly (Lady Spider)
    Judah Lewis As Kaine Parker (Scarlett Spider II) MCU
    Ty Simpkins As Ben Reilly (el original Scarlett Spider)
    Matthew Lintz As Aracnido JR
    Charlie Plummer As Spiderman 1602
    Charlie Rowe As SpiderMan Mangaverse
    Lili Reinhart As Mary Jane Manga Verse
    Odeya Rush As Spiderwoman Old Man Logan (Logan Movie 2017)
    Iron spider, black spiderman, seis brazos y spiderman uk (universo de loki) As tom holland
    Spider Carnage as Robbie Daymond (yes the Spiderman with the 2017 series but is a s#”%!)

  3. Sinopsis/Prologue:
    3 años habian pasado desde que peter parker, jessica drew y silk derrotaron a los seis siniestros, las cosas no habian sido tan faciles, julia carpenter cayo en coma por una herida muy grave por culpa de la familia del fallecido kraven el cazador, y un nuevo enemigo a aparecido para poner en problemas a nuestros heroes del vecindario (tierra 199999), spiderman, daredevil de charlie cox, kaine, venom y las chicas se daran cuenta que no son los unicos heroes en su universo y que hay mas en otras realidades, doctor strange junto a 2 arañas del pasado, mas unos cuantos nuevos amigos, lucharan por la supervivencia de su universo y demostrar que los heroes aracnidos pueden proteger las diferentes ramas de la red, pero aqui no estamos para reuniones ya que la aparicion de un superior spiderman (assa butterfield-alfred molina) haria poner en problemas a nuestros amigos y pondria en riesgo todo lo que conocemos en el multiverso, ¿este podria ser el fin del universo aracnido? pues descubranlo en SpiderVerse Legacy ( proximamente en cines del año 2025)

    Synopsis / Foreword:

    3 years had passed since Peter Parker, Jessica Drew and Silk defeated the sinister six, things had not been so easy, Julia Carpenter fell into a coma due to a very serious injury due to the family of the deceased Kraven the Hunter, and a new enemy has appeared to put in trouble our neighborhood heroes (earth 199999), spiderman, daredevil of charlie cox, kaine, venom and the girls will realize that they are not the only heroes in their universe and that there are more in other realities , doctor strange together with 2 spiders from the past, plus a few new friends, will fight for the survival of their universe and show that spider heroes can protect the different branches of the network, but here we are not for meetings since the appearance of a superior spiderman (assa butterfield-alfred molina) would put our friends in trouble and put everything we know in the multiverse at risk, could this be the end of the spider universe? So discover it in SpiderVerse Legacy (coming soon to theaters in 2025)

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