MONEY HEIST 4 Trailer (2020) Netflix Series HD

MONEY HEIST 4 Trailer (2020) Netflix Series HD

MONEY HEIST 4 Trailer (2020) Season 4, Netflix Series HD
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  1. The show went downhill after season 1 cos then it became a fanfare. The creators started to please n woo the fans instead of staying true to the script. Rio in my opinion shud have been killed off and even tokyo is useless. Berlin was real good. I mean be a real crimminal not humanists. This show is shit now

  2. Professor : "Berlin is dispossessed. I'm in charge now"
    "This isn't a robbery…This is a war…!!"

    Random man : "You clearly don't know who you're talking to…"
    "Let me clear this out".
    "I'm the cook…I'm the man who killed Gus Fring…!!!"
    "Now….say my name….😎"

    Professor(with fear) : "You're Heisenberg"

    Walter/Heisenberg : "You're goddamn right…..😎🔥"

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