NEEDLE IN A TIMESTACK Trailer 2 (2021)

NEEDLE IN A TIMESTACK Trailer 2 (2021)

Second trailer for Needle In A Timestack

Download NEEDLE IN A TIMESTACK Trailer 2 (2021) from here:


  1. Story falls apart as soon as he went back in time and changed things. The new guy would have never met her to begin with and certainly wouldn’t remember her and certainly wouldn’t know that time was changed.

  2. He went back in time for her? 🙄
    I can understand if it was Halle Berry 😆 🤣
    Anyone else watch The Invisible Man? The guy went through all that trouble for Elisabeth Moss??!!!
    It's not like she had a great personality to make up for her looks! 🙄 Totally not believable! 😆 🤣

  3. Of course the one white guy is the "bad guy"…. And how unbelievable is it that anyone would do anything to risk losing Freida Pinto. That was a HUGE trade up.

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