Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:
0:05 – THE IRON MASK (2020) Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger
1:42 – THE FRENCH DISPATCH (2020) Wes Anderson Movie ** REMOVED**
4:06 – HOOKING UP (2020) Jordana Brewster
6:45 – BABA YAGA (2020) Horror
7:45 – RUN THIS TOWN (2020) Nina Dobrev
9:58 – TRANSFERENCE (2020) Thriller
11:41 – GANGS OF LONDON (2020)
14:19 – DON’T SPEAK (2020) Monster Horror
16:01 – 10 THINGS WE SHOULD DO BEFORE WE BREAK UP (2020) Christina Ricci
18:11 – THE GREEN KNIGHT (2020) Fantasy **REMOVED**
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  1. 我用猛鬼追魂最终的“魔盒”阿门和埃及天启光型体和金型体以及最柔软的肉体细胞形成的人型体和量子电脑人型体集合成火种源。

  2. Anything with jackie chan in it you just know is gonna be some garbage ass shit, The next "horror" movie looks like the same old hack shit that's in every bad horror movie nowadays, The next movie about the reporters couldn't be less interesting if you made it black & white and with no sound to it… Complete worthless dog shit. The Transference movie looks like it may have some hope for it as long as the studio doesn't ruin it with over editing like they do most middle if the pack movies, We'll have to wait and see on it. The British movie is a whole lot of who gives a fuck about you or your family pointlessness boring shit. Now the don't speak horror movie is just another movie where people have to be quiet or some monster or alien will get them, It's inane and has been done to many times by now. And I guessed they saved the absolute worst for last, Another unfunny, unamusing and uninteresting shitty ass date/female movie about a broad and some guy that no real Man would ever be a big enough bitch to actually act like. You got to be a lame ass Man to either see this shit or be made to see this nonsense. Hollywood as usual has failed again in all of these movies.

  3. Gangs of London?? This is what's entertainment now?? I guess I'm getting too old to see another rich family kill everyone they know, who they think MIGHT have something to do with the murder of their murderous daddy………………..

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