NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2020 | Weekly #26

NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2020 | Weekly #26

New movie trailers released in the past week

00:00 Greenland
02:28 Ava
04:36 The Silencing
06:45 Waiting For The Barbarians
08:35 Antebellum
10:36 The Broken Hearts Gallery
13:08 Yes, God, Yes

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  1. Antebellum, "they want to put you back in chain" Joe Biden. LOL and Hollywood took Joe's word seriously. Fake news surely is hard at work for the Democrat lord.

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  3. Greenland is a precursor to the asteroid Aphophis. Passed us in 2019, going to make its return in 2029. Scientist say because of how close to the earth it was, the gravity may have altered it course and we stand at least a 2% chance is will hit us.
    Scientists are saying this, usually they will say there is no chance of it ever hitting us, but when they admit that yes, they could actually hit us, a rock that's 29.6 billion KG.

    It orbits the sun every 324 days. Remember this asteroid folks. It may have our number on it.

  4. 10:36 Exec producer Selena gomez producing a movie called the broken hearts sounds like her wallowing about her past relationship with that twerp justin bieber… get over it girl, it makes you look like a loser!

  5. Normally i would be excited to see the first movie 👍👍but now , the moment i saw it 😒God no. No more disaster movie. You never know right? By the end of the year, the NASA might say "ok, there is a big chunk of meteoroid with the size of who knows what heading towards us 😣😣 FUCK !!!

  6. The Greenland one, it's sad, because that's exactly what is gonna happen, I'm not saying it's gonna be in Greenland but it's a fact that in the likely case of a mass extinction event, the elites of the world, politicians, billionaires, banking sharks, all of the elites already have their secured hole to hide in, while we, the common folk, the peasants, will be left to burn along with our families, we're gonna watch each other burn while they get to safety… Now explain to me, why do we fucking allow this? Why the hell do we let ourselves be treated and dealt with as if we are not worth the same as them? Why do we let them treat us as if our lives are not worth the same as theirs…. Why do we allow them to exist in the first place????

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