Night on Earth | Official Trailer | Netflix

Night on Earth | Official Trailer | Netflix

When the sun goes down, a new world awakes.
New technology reveals wonders of the planet in a completely new light. Across the globe we discover a hidden side to the world’s greatest landscapes and animals.
Night on Earth, only on Netflix. January 29th.

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Night on Earth | Official Trailer | Netflix

This nature series’ new technology lifts night’s veil to reveal the hidden lives of the world’s creatures, from lions on the hunt to bats on the wing.

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  1. Our animal kingdom is the most strongest and powerful creation we ever seen and new behaviors are seen every sec every minute every hour and everyday join us and bring your sleeping bags as we spend the night on earth. -narrarated by me.

  2. Been conditioned by watching too much David Attrnborough so I gave this a chance as it interests me.Believe me, I tried to like this but it lacks action if you know what I mean. Episode one bored me alot. Also , not a fan of the narrator Samira Wiley. The way she narrates script are just so-so. Im on episode 2 now.

  3. Idk some parts did look CGI but I really enjoyed the movie, MIND WAS
    BLOWN…. the part where the baby Turtle falls up side down, is that part real when it is dien or what that CGI? and also did the sharks and whale shark, other then that I loved the movie…

  4. Kind of upset with this documentary. Especially episodes like sleepless cities. Words such as "urban intruders" and "stealing food" is used to describe animals going into cities. Yet the fact is that man continues to encroach upon territory belonging to animals in the first place. A bear going into a dumpster to find food because man has destroyed the ecosystem and once abundant food supply is nothing to make seem sinister. Animals have to resort to our trash for surivival sound give man the inspiration to change what we're doing to the earth.

  5. I'm watching the movie right now and at around 9 minutes in they have a full screen shot of the moon and I think there is a ufo going right thru the middle of the moon. Wtf is that!

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