OBSESSION Trailer (2019) Mekhi Phifer, Thriller Movie HD

OBSESSION Trailer (2019) Mekhi Phifer, Thriller Movie HD


OBSESSION Trailer (2019) Mekhi Phifer, Thriller Movie HD
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Before meeting George Good (Brad Dourif), Sonny Jordan (Mekhi Pfeiffer) was just a lost drifter with a troubled past floating from town to town, looking for work. As fate would have it, Sonny ends up saving George’s life from a murderous back-alley mugger. As thanks, George gives Sonny a home and a job as a mechanic on his farm in the lonely Louisiana Bayou. Sonny quickly settles in and makes himself useful around the place but then Sonny meets Larissa, (Elika Portnoy) George’s alluring wife. She has a mysterious past and the two are irresistibly drawn to each other. The two begin a passionate affair leading them to construct a twisted plot to take George’s life in cold blood in order to be together. As their despicable plan unravels, they learn how far they are willing to go to cover their misdeed.

© 2019 – Samuel Goldwyn Films


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