OCTOBER FACTION Season 1 Trailer (2020) Netflix Horror Series

OCTOBER FACTION Season 1 Trailer (2020) Netflix Horror Series

OCTOBER FACTION Season 1 Official Trailer Series, Jan 23 2020.

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  1. Very low cost production. Terrible monster make ups, so bad it looks like from the 70's. Awful choice for the main characters, specially MacKenzie doesn't fit in at all, if he holds a weapon in defense it looks laughable, which at first made me think this must be a more of a comedy production. Overall terrible, far too much boring uninteresting banality bla bla with somewhat little bad action scenes – Waste of time …

  2. We tried to watch it, way too much social justice woke culture. In lue of plot there was just SJW woke scenes. Probably could have been a cool series if they stuck to monster hunting and not social engineering.

  3. I like the cast especially Wendy Crewson. BUT I am so sick of the this social and anti-religion propaganda. The demonic intent of claiming what is bad is good and what should be good is perverted to look bad. Yeah, fighting evil has nothing to do with faith. Right. Did you notice that EVERY strong character is female? The wife, the mother in-law the sheriff, the head of Presidio and the second in command the daughter and the female warlock. And why don't you call Alice what she is, a witch? A worker of dark arts. Did you notice that all the male characters are weak and HIGHLY flawed? The husband cheats on his wife for no apparent reason. Yeah, right Fred is going to risk his marriage to Dee for Hanna DOUBTFUL! Fred mess'in around just because? It makes NO sense. Bullshit. Viv is grounded but Geoff is flighty. Mr. Erickson is a cuckold, Rob is a rapist, Basil gets out of prison after being abandoned by Dee who just leaves him to rot, but is somehow unable to defend himself in the bar. Bullshit! The only male character not made to look a fool or weak or an emotionless egomaniac is Moshe. Samuel is a prick without depth and Maggie is disgruntled and power hungry but gets to be the new head of Presidio while keeping her husband and "reincarnated" first born in cages. Then we have the rainbow unicorn fest with Geoff and Phillip. Because we can't not have a gay romance in every show. I am gay and I know that we are only 10% of the population so no, I don't need to be represented in EVERY damn show. Stop patronizing me. With one of the toppers being that Moshe is "reincarnated" as a white woman after complaining about Alice's starry eyed existence. Moshe's flaw was pissing and moaning about how he has suffered as a black man and a warlock. Would you give me a break. This whole down trodden black thing and misunderstood warlock thing is a massive flaw in the story line. Then suddenly the monsters and the warlocks become the victims. Omari makes his monster face to the sheriff and her deputy and neither of them shoots him . . . Major Bullshit. And then we have "chemistry between Omari and the sheriff. Right. So what we are left with is male bashing demonic propaganda. Women are strong men are weak and let's throw God under the bus and claim the monsters are our friends. So basically this was written by a couple of gay high schoolers or worse a gaggle of self-loathing socialist wankers. Congratulations on wasting the talent you had to work with in the well recognized actors you had at your disposal. What we have here is an invitation into darkness. Trying to normalize satanism and witchcraft. Isn't there an marina abramovic party you should be attending where you will consume menstrual blood and semen from a bathtub? We see what you are up to. You are not one bit clever about it. It will not work.

  4. Im watching it right now, reached middle of episodes..and let me just say "eeehhh" ,cheap and bad acting, u can feel them acting. Give the script to anyone and put camera on, thats how they are talking, and that silent they have after each character says his part..eehhh ..
    Gonna finish tho, need to see all to give final conclusion

  5. When I first signed up for netflix I didn't realize they would use my money to make a slew of crappy movies and series and pad their library with unwatchable foreign and unintelligible domestic shit. This is just another netflix loser.

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