OUT OF SHADOWS | The Worst Conspiracy Theory Documentary

OUT OF SHADOWS | The Worst Conspiracy Theory Documentary

Out of shadows official is a documentary on the conspiracy theories behind CIA Hollywood pizzagate and political pedophilia rings. I don’t think they did a good job of covering the stories. Out of the shadows official

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  1. You're an idiot. It shows how corrupt the government and Hollywood really is…it shows how pedophilia is mainstream in Hollywood and politics…you need to rewatch it. You keep saying "conspiracy theory". Do you even know where that term came from? It was invented by the Dems when JFK was assassinated. It's meant to describe ANYBODY who questions government.

  2. We all need Jesus Christ, thats it.
    Ps my uncle was actually in the army and had the Lsd used on him for over a year and came back home almost brain dead. In his mothers care until she passed.
    I know first hand from what happened to my uncle that…. it was actually a conspiracy fact. Atleast to the mind control psychological experiments actually happened.

  3. If it’s the worst then why doesn’t YouTube still have the original video up for people to watch and make their own decision off of it. Instead of sitting here and taking your word for it. But nope. They only option available is the videos saying it isn’t good.

  4. If it's THE WORST conspiracy video, why does YouTube keep deleting it? The WORST thing is that I bet you didn't even get PAID to make this weak 2 minute video. Lol! Moron! Most other sell-outs get a couple hundred. Pity your an unpaid turd. Ass-hat!

  5. Not opposed to the government putting LSD in your water, you're funny

    When you aren't a single, X-box Live playing dink with a white cheetah picture over your bed with a family, you may feel differently

  6. "they pretty much allude to the fact that anybody who has over a million Instagram followers or has made any money in their life is in Illuminati"
    this is extremely over exaggerated.
    I feel like you decided this documentary was garbage before even watching it.

    at the beginning you said it turns into a "how I found Jesus" documentary, but the truth is the narrator talks about religion for maybe 90 seconds and only in the first 15 minutes. why would you lie about that? I don't understand how can someone hate a documentary to the point of lying about its entire nature.

    it certainly wasn't perfect and did give me garbage conspiracy theory vibes at some points, but all and all it was pretty good and eye opening and most importantly got me thinking about what I think to be the truth and doubt it.

    you said it never proves any of the theories but the documentary didn't even want to prove them, they said it themselves.
    they wanted people to start examining and connecting the dots and see the truth for themselves and it was exactly this that distinguished this documentary from all the other garbage "The earth is flat" and "the moon doesn't exist" and "what are they hiding in Venus" documentaries for me.

    and based on your response to people's comments it is clear that you don't care for the truth not even enough to maybe give the documentary a chance.

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