OUTBACK Trailer (2020) Survival Movie

OUTBACK Trailer (2020) Survival Movie

OUTBACK Trailer (2020) Survival, Thriller Movie
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  1. Here are a few tips:
    1) If the Sun's getting close to the horizon, it'll be dark soon. Don't leave your vehicle. Maybe it's not running or maybe you don't know where you are, but at least it's by a road, and at some point, you can be sure someone will come along.
    2) If, for some reason, you do leave your vehicle, and it gets dark, you're lost. Don't panic, but don't keep walking. Walking when you're lost does not get you less lost. Make camp for the night and resolve to continue whatever activity brought you from that vehicle in the morning.
    3) Making camp means doing what you can to build a fire and keep it going.
    4) And if it's Australia, that fire is especially important, because just about every animal in the Australian outback is venomous, but they instinctively avoid fire, so get it started and keep it going. It doesn't have to be especially bright, but keep it going!

  2. 실화라는데 바보인가?
    저런 사막지역 건널 때는 자동차 고장에 대비를 했어야지.
    걸어가는 것도 도로를 따라서 걸어가야지.
    위험한 지역에서 자는데 1명은 불침번을 서야 하는거 아님?

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