PS5 vs PS4: EARLY Graphics Comparison [4K]

PS5 vs PS4: EARLY Graphics Comparison [4K]

We’re taking the first PS5 gameplay and comparing it to PS4 gameplay. It’s still early, but you can already see an amazing jump in graphics, especially in 4K.
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  1. Hope they bring Odin sphere ps2/ps4 and dragons crown ps3/ps4 on ps5 lol I played these games twice finished on both platforms give me high five. I dount they do it again three times, make new games coming out on ps5 👍 looking forward it, it the mean time 13 Sentinels is to finish loving it.

  2. Let's not forget about downgrading (Ubisoft for example). Apart of comparing cutscenes to actual PS4 gamplay, we're also looking at pre-release footage of PS5 games 😉

  3. Wow 1k dollars for reflections, a few second load screens and wrinkles. Face it the tech has peaked!!!.
    The ps4 should have been given a few more years, while improving the ps5. The ps5 does not feel like next gen gaming

  4. This game is trash, great graphics doesn’t make a great game. Zelda Ocarina of time is one of the best games ever made and graphics are 3D. Resident evil 4 is a masterpiece of ps2 1080 graphics. I can’t believe people are waiting for this trash game.

  5. If it's the only difference between the two consoles I'll definitely not spend another $ to upgrade. I never put a finger on a PS4 and I decided yesterday to buy a used one from 180 bucks. The games I'm buying are about 10$.
    We all like video games and being at the forefront but heyyyy guys right now what's the point in buying such an expensive and still not reliable piece of technology when we already have the last version working like a charm and providing the same games ?!
    It's a bit disturbing to see comments like : is this PS4 game working on PS5?! It should work without even questioning ourselves.
    Here in europe the PS5 seems out of stock and people are buying them for 800 to 1000$!!!
    What a crazy world Jeeez!

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