RAISED BY WOLVES Season 2 Trailer (2022)

RAISED BY WOLVES Season 2 Trailer (2022)

RAISED BY WOLVES Season 2 Trailer (2022)
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  1. They asked the creator of the show if it is connected to the alien films. He said no comment, so I'm hoping in this season and future seasons that gets addressed. There's a whole lot of potential in future seasons, it could go 20 seasons, there's so much material and potential there.

  2. I made the choice to watch the first season in black and grey scale, so weird seeing it in color. I don't want to sound like an artsy pretentious prick but it was the right choice.

  3. Why aren't the actors wearing masks for the indoor scenes? If this thing is as deadly as the elites constantly insist it is, actors should be dropping like flies right now, but they're not. What does that tell us? Or rather what should it tell us if we weren't frightened sheep cowering and clinging to imagined "safety" so desperately we'll mindlessly believe anything the elites tell us to do (but won't do themselves) no matter how outlandish and counterintuitive. For example, that actors apparently can't catch it while they're working. Or that you can catch it when walking to your table in a restaurant and when you're leaving the restaurant, but not while you're eating in the restaurant. What a farce!

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