Raya and the Last Dragon Teaser Theories, Analysis & Breakdown!

Raya and the Last Dragon Teaser Theories, Analysis & Breakdown!

We are theorizing about the first Raya and the Last Dragon official teaser trailer!

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  1. Tuktuk is a baby Pangolin. They are endemic species found in the Province of Palawan in the Philippines. And yes, Isaac you are correct, they are mammals with scales and often roll up like a ball.

    Meanwhile, Sisu is a Bakunawa, one of the only two mythical sea dragons from Southeast Asia. Bakunawas are mythical sea dragons in Philippine mythology and are known to rise up from the water and eats the moon, causing a dark eclipse.

    That I'm pretty sure are Filipino references, including the arnis stick and the martial arts Raya is practicing.

    But yeah, many of the elements shown in the trailer pay homage to various cultures of Southeast Asia such as Thai, Malay, Khmer, Indonesian, etc., and I can't wait to see our Southeast Asian culture be represented by Disney and be adored by Disney fans around the world.

  2. Yeah, it’s funny how no one seem to mention that the temple is in Cambodia. It does seem like tomb raider bc tomb raider was shoot in that same temple in Cambodia. Also, the dragon is also kinda a Cambodian dragon too

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