READY OR NOT Trailer (2019) Samara Weaving, Horror Movie HD

READY OR NOT Trailer (2019) Samara Weaving, Horror Movie HD

READY OR NOT Trailer (2019) Samara Weaving, Horror Movie HD
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  1. this could've been so good but you guys ruin it by trying to shove humor into intense narratives. had you toned down the ill-timed flippant comments and actions, this could've been a 'get out' level masterpiece. what a shame.

  2. What I want to know is who conducted that killer “Here Comes the Bride” musical piece at the end of the movie when Grace was walking away bloodied but victorious.

    Sounded something like a metal version of the “Here Comes the Bride” song. Don’t think that the soundtrack has it which is curious.

  3. This is Big SH*T movie because they involve the name of Jesus this is evil way this is not want God want he use his name for this kind of nonsense 😔 gosh sick poeple 😔

    Yes i love to watch this movie but everytime i heard the name of the Lord using for nonsense make hurt 😔

  4. Producers… let me make this easy… I will not rent this movie because I just watched the whole thing in 2 minutes and 48 seconds. You should fire your trailer guy, he's causing you to lose money.

  5. BEWARE!!!! IF YOU ARE A FOLLOWER OF JESUS AND GOD IN ANY WAY DO NOT SEE THIS EVIL MOVIE!!! This movie leads you to believe it's just some crazy rich family until the end when they start chanting "hail satan" and are trying to sacrifice a girl on a pentagram!!! This was an evil plot that made no sense except to lure people in front of a screen so they can experience this evil and disgusting ceremony. The movie makes no sense except to expose people to evil!!!!

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